Amazon's new Dash Wand comes with Alexa to make buying things even easier

Order groceries with the power of voice
Amazon's new Dash Wand has Alexa
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Amazon's everlasting quest to make it easier to buy things from its website has taken another step. The company has announced that the next generation Dash Wand comes with Alexa, allowing you to purchase things as quickly as possible.

Previous Dash Wand were a little more basic. You'd be able to scan barcodes or use your voice to add things to your Amazon shopping cart, but to actually buy anything you'd have to pull out your smartphone or laptop to complete the purchase. They were also limited in access, as you had to be a member of Amazon's grocery service AmazonFresh.

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Those problems have been fixed with the new Wand. First, it's got Alexa. She wasn't around for the older Dash Wands, but now she's here and you'll be able to ask her to complete your purchase for you. She'll also be around to do other things, like convert measurements and get recipes.

Second, the Dash Wand is available to all Amazon Prime members in the US. It cost $20, but when you receive and register your device you'll get a $20 credit on your Amazon account to buy stuff. You'll also get a 90-day free trial of AmazonFresh when you register your Wand, so you can scan and add whatever groceries you need with your wand and have them delivered. It's all a self-fulfilling online shopping prophecy, really.

When it's not cooking up new Echo devices, like the Echo Look and Show, Amazon has been finding ways to put Alexa in as many devices as possible to make buying things as seamless as possible. The Dash Wand is just the latest example of that, and a fairly affordable option aimed more at kitchen-specific use.

Amazon's new Dash Wand comes with Alexa to make buying things even easier


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