Pressing news: Amazon brings its one-touch Dash buttons to the UK

You can now order stuff with a push of a button - keep out of reach of children

Amazon Dash – the company's one-touch smart button for ordering products, are now available in the UK, having launched in the US last year.

For the uninitiated, Amazon Dash buttons are wireless branded buttons that can be placed around the house - on your washing machine, the bedside table - and, when pushed, will order a particular item from Amazon.

There are 40 different buttons for UK customers to choose from with Ariel, Listerine, Huggies and Durex among the options.

The buttons, which are about the size of a stick of gum, cost $4.99, and are Amazon's way of pushing you to its retail service. They connect to your Wi-Fi via an Amazon mobile app, and all you need to do is stick them where it makes sense - ie not putting a button for condoms on the cooker.

Amazon Dash Button
Wareable may get a commission

The smartphone app will give you access to settings for the Dash, allowing you to set the amount and size of the ordered product. Crucially, it'll let you know if someone has pushed the button, to avoid hundreds of prank pushes resulting in an airdrop of nappies.

We'll be honest: when Amazon announced Dash on the eve of April 1 last year, we thought we'd been fooled. But it turned out it was no joke, and the idea has grown on us since.

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It's another step to making our homes smarter - you check out our smart home guide if you want some pointers in that department.

As for Amazon, it's making the Dash deal a little sweeter by offering a £4.99 discount on your first Dash purchase with each button. So yeah, the button is essentially free if you're actually going to use it.

It's also bringing its Dash Replenishment Service to this side of the pond, which removes the need for a button entirely. Replenishment uses the cloud to automatically re-order items when you're running low, and Amazon says it's working with Samsung, Grundig and Bosch on devices that will do this.

Think washing machines, printers, coffee machines, and those sorts of things.

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Wareable may get a commission


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  • Thijsvr says:

    I like the idea. With a 24 hour supermarket within 5 minutes of walking it isn't really something for me personally, but it's certainly convenient if you already use Amazon for these kinds of things.

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