Motorola Sport on sale this month, January release for US

GPS packing Android Wear device lands on 18 December in the UK and France
Motorola Sport on sale this month

The Moto 360 Sport, announced alongside the new Moto 360 duo at IFA 2015, goes on sale in the UK and France on 18 December, followed by a US release in early January.

In the UK the Moto 360 Sport will set you back £219; Stateside it will be $299 and it will launch on 7 January.

The price tag isn't bad at all, considering that the 360 Sport is only the second Android Wear smartwatch - after the Sony SmartWatch 3 - to come packing a GPS radio, making it possible to track runs without the need of a tethered smartphone.

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Featuring the same 300mAh battery as the smaller 42mm Moto 360 2, don't expect to be running marathons with GPS switched on though.

The display is a 1.37-inch, 360 x 325 one dubbed 'AnyLight'. We're told that the LCD display is naturally adaptable, so it stays nicely backlit in dim lighting situations but is easily readable, due to the reflective tech, when out running in sunnier conditions.

The Moto 360 Sport's strap boasts a special UV coating to help fend off sweat, and features air vents at the side, like most GPS running watches, to keep runners' wrists cool when on the move.

Make sure you read our full guide to the Moto 360 Sport and check back on Wareable soon for a full review.

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  • GDawg says:

    Looking forward to this one.
    Lets hope it doesn't have the sweat related GPS connectivity issues the the SW3 had.

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