The week in wearable tech

All the essential stories in wearables and the connected self
The week in wearable tech

Wearable tech has a difficult second album problem. There's a ton of pressure on manufacturers like Apple, Motorola and Microsoft to get the second wearable spot on. But not because the first gen wearables were so perfect, because they were so flawed.

It's the tech equivalent of the possibility that if these companies don't get the second album right, people might lose interest in albums altogether. With that in mind, let's take a look at the new Microsoft Band 2 and the other biggest stories from the week in wearable tech.

Microsoft Band 2 arrives with fresh design

Microsoft officially lifted the lid on the Band 2, its new fitness tracker which arrives with a curved OLED display and fresh fitness features like tracking VO2 max.

If you're in the market for a smart band, check out our definitive look at the best fitness trackers. Also this week we share our food tracking, calorie counting diary with you, look at how to run your fastest marathon and dig into the best heart rate monitoring sports headphones.

Blocks hits Kickstarter on 13 October

Blocks is heading to Kickstarter

The wait is over - almost. The Blocks modular smartwatch campaign will begin crowdfunding on Kickstarter on 13 October. Expect speedy shipping from these underdogs. We'll update you with all the specs, pricing details and images when the campaign goes live.

We hope Blocks doesn't end up like one of our list of wearable tech crowdfunding disasters. Any familiar names for regular backers? Modularity is one way wearables can appeal to women and we also discuss this week why companies that are not designing for women should get out of the wearable tech game.

Study: cheap smartwatches are winning

Study reveals cheap smartwatches are winning

New sales data from Amazon and Best Buy shows that low cost and discounted smartwatches are cleaning up. Put it this way, we'd never even heard of the bestseller on Amazon till now.

In other smartwatch news, why not have a read of our need to know on the LG Watch Urbane Second Edition, browse some Apple Watch charging stands or read our essential guide to the Asus ZenWatch 2.

Gemio lets teens personalise their wearable tech

These Gemio Bluetooth enabled smart bracelets like, totally promote real world interactions within teen girl squads. The social wearable for teens will be up for pre-order from November and joins Jewelbots and Linkitz in trying to appeal to girls who are up for mucking around with pretty gadgets.

In other wimmin's news this week was the crowdfunding campaign of Looncup, the smart menstrual cup and the launch of LikeAGlove smart leggings which help you get the right fit when buying jeans.

Crowdfund this

Our crowdfunding pick this week is the curved, E Ink smart bracelet Eyecatcher from LookSee Labs. Pledge $234 on Kickstarter to bag yourself a mens or womens bracelet which displays patterns and alerts and has a battery life of up to one year. It's iPhone only for now.

We also chat to Kerv's boss on why his smart contactless payments ring is keeping things simple this week and talk the future of smart clothes with Sensoria's CEO.

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