Microsoft Xbox One wearable tipped for launch next year

Microsoft's next wearable is touted as a fitness tracker that syncs with your console
Xbox One wearable tipped for launch

Microsoft has already dropped anchor in wearable bay with the recent launch of the Microsoft Band and, if new reports ring true, the tech goliath could be preparing to hit the high seas again with the launch of an Xbox One wearable device next year.

Speaking to PCR Joe Officer, head of attach at Exertis - an Xbox One supplier - said: "The wearable market is always growing and we can expect to see Microsoft rolling out a spate of devices next year in this space.

"These will be linked to the Xbox One which has loads of health and fitness apps already in it - add that to real time heart rate monitors, health bands, scales and video sensors and users will have day in, day out, real time monitoring of themselves."

The Xbox One packs in a fairly comprehensive fitness app, with programs on offer from a wide range of high-profile trainers and brands. It would make sense to have a wearable the links up to your Xbox in order to keep track of the activities you partake in when you're away from your console.

Of course, the Microsoft Health platform and the Microsoft Band could easily be integrated into the Xbox ecosystem but, let's face it, Microsoft's first fitness band is a bit of a dud.

There were already rumours that Microsoft could be launching an Xbox One VR headset in the future. Xbox boss Phil Spencer added fuel to the murmurs recently by saying, "New technologies invite us to explore new gaming world's. I believe that Kinect, voice and virtual reality are those key new elements. That's why I'm glad that Sony and Oculus are investing in VR. We're also working on an investment of our own, but it's not at a stage in which we can talk about it yet".

It will be interesting to see exactly what Microsoft has up its sleeve. Roll on 2015...

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