The week in wearable tech

The biggest news and best reads you might have missed
The week in wearables

The wearable industry is moving at a mile a minute, as the big news from some of tech’s biggest brands this week shows. With Motorola, Adidas and even Apple posturing in the market like a group of disgruntled Silverbacks, here’s all the essential stories that you might have missed.

Adidas opens up

Adidas has been building its miCoach brand for a few years now, and has turned out some excellent wearables, such as the miCoach Smart Run and the brand new Fit Smart – but with the news it wants to open up miCoach to third parties, it seems the German giant has its sights the bigger stage.

This week we also examined who stands to make money from the fitness and health data from our wearables, in our investigation who’s watching your smartwatch?

Wearables go big

We don’t need to tell you that wearable tech is going to make it big, that’s why we started Wareable in the first place. However, news this week that the wearable market has grown 130% in 2014, simply proves the point.

If you’re yet to take the plunge, why not check out our guide on how to buy a fitness tracker, to make sure you get the right features for your needs.

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More iWatch patents show curved glass display

Another top find from tech’s finest patent sniffers shows that Apple has been working hard on a curved glass touchscreen, which would work perfectly on a band. How convenient.

If the iWatch doesn’t come out in September, then we and a load of other tech sites will have spent a lot of energy talking about nothing at all. Luckily, we’ve been less effusive about iWatch speculation than some.

New products leak

It’s not just the iWatch that we’re waiting for. The Moto 360 is high on our wishlist with its curvaceous screen and fresh take on Android Wear, and its specs leaked this week. Razer has also announced its Nabu band will launch in October.

Concept of the week

Every week on Wareable we’re going to be looking for the finest Kickstarters, hoping to find the next big thing. This week we bigged up Elemoon spiffing smart bracelet and activity band, that’s already raking in funding on Kickstarter.

If smart jewelry is your thing, our round-up of the best stylish wearables will be sure to float your boat.

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