And finally: New Huawei Watch tipped to land in early 2016

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And finally: Huawei Watch for women

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Huawei Watch for women on the way

The Huawei Watch was arguably the sleekest addition to the Android Wear family this year and the latest speculation suggests the Chinese company is prepping more editions.

First in line will be a smaller more female-friendly version of this year's watch, which 'people familiar with the matter' claim will pop up at CES 2016 in January.

The same sources suggest a follow-up to the Android Wear watch with a round display is also being primed and will by vying for a place on your wrist in the second half of 2016.

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The Climb is an Oculus VR exclusive

There seems to be a whole lot going on in the exciting world of VR as the likes of PlayStation, HTC and Oculus gear up to launch headsets to the masses next year.

This week, Crytek, a company better known for its first person shooters, announced The Climb for Oculus and it looks pretty impressive. The virtual reality rock climbing game will be an Oculus Rift exclusive letting players crawl up a series of beautiful locations using either an Xbox One controller or the Oculus Touch controllers to move hands along rock faces.

There's no release date for The Climb but you can check out the teaser video to see why this PC exclusive is going to be a big deal next year.

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Apple Pay and Samsung Pay in China

You really can't separate these two companies. Even when they're expanding their mobile payments services across the globe. Apple revealed this week that it has secured an agreement with China UnionPay to bring Apple Pay to China.

It's going to be compatible with the latest iPhones and the Apple Watch with a rollout commencing in early 2016 once all the relevant tests to make sure it'll work are carried out.

Samsung has apparently made a similar agreement and is building towards expanding the Samsung Pay empire in early 2016 as well.

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DIY socks pause Netflix when you nod off

We've all been there. Settling in for a mammoth session of Narcos or whatever you current binge favourite is right now and nodding off to find you've skipped through five episodes. Netflix reckons it has come up with a solution to this first world problem.

You can now build yourself a pair of socks, which pack in a sleep detection system capable of working out when you've nodded off. It'll send a signal to your TV to pause the programme so you can resume later.

The bad news is you can't buy these ready made. It's up to you to put your DIY hacking skills to the test. Head to the Make It Netflix site to find out what you need to make these Netflix socks a reality.

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