New Bragi update lets you control Dash by tapping your cheek

And more gestures are on their way
Tap your face to use the Bragi Dash
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Bragi has announced a new software update for the Dash which, among other things, introduces something it calls a Kinetic User Interface.

KUI extends control from the Dash itself to the rest of your body, and will debut with a feature called MyTap that lets you activate Siri or Google Now by tapping on your cheek, rather than the earbuds themselves. Bragi promises more gestures will come in the future too, such as accepting calls by nodding, and changing music tracks by just touching your face.

MyTap is an interesting idea that would demand less precision, and while it might not help our fears of looking silly in public, we're intrigued to give it a go in beta when Bragi OS 2.2 rolls out on 21 November.

Alongside the KUI, Bragi says its update will also improve the heart rate measurements, particularly in cold weather. A new feature called Windshield will make listening to music better in windier conditions, and there's an improvement to phone call voice quality as well.

Finally, Bragi promises upgrades to the Bluetooth, which we're pleased to hear given that this was a glitchy area during our review of the Dash.

With the latest Bragi Dash update, you can tap your cheek to

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