​New Withings Body Scan strikes a nerve

CES 2022: nervous system assessments, CES and body composition
​New Withings Body Scale strikes a nerve
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Withings has unveiled a new smart scale – the Withings Body Scan – and it’s supercharged with body sensors that can access your nervous system.

The Withings Body Scan can assess nerve activity in the feet, and has an 6-lead ECG sensor that can check heart rate rhythms, and warn you of signs of atrial fibrillation.

And it even can tell you how much you weigh, how fat you are and estimate your vascular age.

The Body Scan has a year of battery life, and features a larger 3.2-inch screen, for displaying your vital statistics.

As you’d expect, all the data is found in the Withings app, and this has now been expanded to include guided programs and content to hit particular goals. The obvious application of this is weight loss, but there are also plans to improve metrics such as vascular age.

New Withings Body Scan strikes a nerve

Body composition has also been given an improvement. The Withings Body Scan can assess the composition of your body’s fat, muscle mass, water percentage and more.

The first thing we noticed about the Withings Body Scan is the protruding stem, which is a handle on a cord, used for the body composition analysis.

You hold the handle with your feet on the scale, and the Body Scan can make estimates of composition from segments of the body – namely arms, legs and torso. That should mean the scale can tell you when you shouldn’t skip leg day, and where you need to trim some fat.

Of course, it’s the nerve assessments that catch the eye. The scale can assess sweat secretion in the feet to monitor sudomotor function, which is computed into a single score.

In short, healthy living increases sudomotor function, which in turn shows your nervous system is fighting fit. So all the stuff you’re doing to lose weight and get healthy will have a positive impact here as well.

The Withings Body Scan will be available in the second half of 2022, subject to clearance by the CE/FDA. That was a huge issue for Withings with the ScanWatch so fingers crossed this time around.