Family health made easy: A guide to the Withings Thermo

How Withings Thermo makes caring for family easier
A guide to the Withings Thermo
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Family health is getting connected and the Withings Thermo smart thermometer is changing the way we monitor illness.

The Thermo is designed to be an easy way to not only measure the temperature of family members and children when they're ill, but to track it as well, offering you insights into improving or worsening conditions.

It's designed to offer peace of mind to carers, using a device that's more complete and better designed than the average family thermometer. But how does it work? We have the low down.

Withings Thermo: Features

Family health made easy: Guide to the Withings Thermo

Temperature tracking is the main story of the Withings Thermo, which is read via six infrared sensors built into the device. You don't even need to make contact with the skin in order to take a reading, making it more hygienic than thermometers that are designed to detect temperature from the mouth or ear.

The app features a user-specific health log, which keeps track of temperatures. This timeline of readings can be enhanced with logs of the times and types of medicines taken, symptoms, typed notes and even photos for a registered user.

You can register up to eight users within the Withings Thermo app, and each member of the family can have their own unique profile. What's more, the Withings Thermo is FDA cleared, and uses the highest standards for accuracy you can trust.

There's also a neat reminder system, which will use a push notification on your smartphone to remind you to take another reading, and to administer medicine. You can access this using the bell icon at the top. The calendar feature also lets you track medicine and temperatures day-by-day, building up a detailed profile of their condition.

Finally, the Withings Thermo app includes Thermia, a health education app developed by Boston Children's Hospital. It works as a problem solver, prompting you to add symptoms and other data, and provides tailored information about when you should seek extra medical advice.

Withings Thermo: How it works

Family health made easy: Guide to the Withings Thermo

The first step with the Withings Thermo is to download the app, which is available on the Apple App Store for iPhone and Google Play. Once downloaded, simply create an account (or use your existing Withings Health Mate sign-in) and pair the device by pressing and holding the button until it enters set-up mode.

When paired, press the button to start a scan. Then hold the device over the centre of the forehead and move slowly towards the temple, avoiding any hair. The infrared sensors take over 4,000 measurements to find the hottest point on the head, which is generally when it locates the temporal artery. The Withings Thermo will buzz when it's taken a reading, which will be shown on the LED screen.

The benefit of the LED display is that readings can be taken in the dark, which is much more comforting for sick children, and it can even be done while they're asleep. Once the reading has been taken a coloured LED is displayed, using a traffic-light system to show the status of the temperature. Green is normal, red indicates a problem.

You can then assign the reading to a profile in two ways. On the device itself you can swipe down through account names, and then press the button when you reach the desired profile. If you don't do this, the reading will live in the app unassigned, where you can quickly link it to a user manually.

Withings Thermo: The data

Family health made easy: Guide to the Withings Thermo

The main data logged within the Withings Thermo app is the date and time stamp, and the temperature reading. You can set the Withings Thermo to log temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius, making it suitable for users in the US and Europe.

But as we mentioned, that's not the end of the data.

If you press the + icon on the app you can manually input a host of data from a note, medicine taken, symptoms, picture, manual temperature and Thermia, which we'll come to in a second.

These extra data points are added to the timeline interface, which shows a record of the current day's temperature and event details. It makes for a simple at-a-glance overview of the patient's condition and, should they require an appointment with a doctor or physician, the Withings Thermo app makes it easy for that professional to see crucial information.

The Thermia features are also front-and-centre within the app. Thermia is a repository of health information from the Boston's Children's Hospital. It provides a quick survey of symptoms, current temperature, details on immunisations and under-lying conditions, and will show advice on whether your child should see a physician.

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The Withings Thermo is a useful tool for any parent, and offers genuine benefits in terms of simple, accurate and hygienic readings with the ability to track your child's condition.

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