Elvie's time to shine: The pelvic floor tracker is in this year's Oscars goodie bag

The women's health tech startup could gain a bunch of celeb fans
Elvie will be in the Oscars goodie bags
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Emma Stone could be pretty pissed if, as predicted, she wins Best Actress at the Oscars this Sunday. Sure she'll get the recognition she no doubt badly craves but the rest of her cohort of nominees get a $200,000 consolation goodie bag which, this year, includes the connected pelvic floor 'insertable' Elvie.

After including a Fiera vibrator in 2016, the Academy has turned to cutting edge women's health tech for this year's 'Everyone Wins' swag bag. It made the cut alongside an assortment of random items including an Oomi smart security camera, cellulite massage mats and freshly harvested pecans.

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The $199 tracker from London-based startup Chairo helps you do Kegel and other similar exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor correctly as apparently 30% of women are doing them wrong. You insert the waterproof device like a tampon and it connects to your iPhone or Android phone to follow the exercises.

The biofeedback can be helpful after pregnancy, to relieve back pain, to improve core strength and even enhance orgasms. Chiaro is planning to launch its second device in Q4 2017, again planning to turn a medical device into a lifestyle product.

When we spoke to Chiaro founder Tania Boler last year, she told us Elvie users see significant improvements within two weeks. It's already sold on Gwyneth Paltrow's site Goop but Elvie could soon have winning endorsements from Streep, Portman and co - if the stars aren't too preoccupied with the customised box of Crayola crayons.

Source: Shape

Elvie's time to shine: The pelvic floor tracker will be in this year's Oscars goodie bag