BeVITAL is another connected band-aid to monitor patients' vitals

The rise of the connected plaster continues
BeVITAL smart band-aid monitors everything
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Medical wearables are becoming a huge talking point in 2016, and BeVITAL, a new smart band-aid, could be about to lead the charge.

Designed for patient care, BeVITAL keeps tabs on heart rate, breathing, temperature and movement, which is possible thanks to its proximity to the body.

The battery will last around four days, and powers a Bluetooth LE connection to a specialist server, which collects the data, which can be used by doctors. As well as just collecting the data, BeVITAL will also alert them to any sudden changes in condition.

It's not exactly new technology, and there's certainly a future in the smart band-aid form factor, which we've seen adopted by a number of wearables. Recently we've seen Temp Aid do much the same for babies and we compared that product to AmpStrip, the now defunct heart rate sensor for sports that's redefining itself as a medical grade wearable.

As we've written at length, the ageing population globally and costs of healthcare mean wearables like BeVITAL are going to be, well, vital in the coming years. The ability to monitor patients at home will reduce costs, as will better monitoring of vitals in hospitals, which can pre-empt downturns in patient's conditions before they happen.

Source: Quartz