Bellabeat's new Spring smart water bottle plays nice with its Leaf trackers

Get hydration reminders based on your activity, sleep and stress
Bellabeat's smart(er) water bottle
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Bellabeat, the women's wellbeing startup, is back with Spring, an $89 smart water bottle that connects to its lovely line of Leaf fitness trackers.

We say fitness trackers but Bellabeat's health and lifestyle platform is actually one of the most comprehensive around featuring activity, sleep, susceptibility to stress and menstrual cycle tracking.

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The 16 flu.oz connected bottle syncs with the Bellabeat app via Bluetooth and keeps tabs on how much you're drinking, logging daily water intake. The difference with existing smart bottles, though, is the rest of the platform. Bellabeat says it can use AI algorithms to tailor your intake goals depending on how active you are, how much you sleep you're getting, if you're on your period, if you're likely to be stressed etc.

Users will get reminders and notifications to stay hydrated, though we presume these can be turned off. No word yet on compatibility with other apps. The anti-slip grip is available in a bunch of colours, it's "lightweight" and made from dishwasher-proof, borosilicate glass. Plus, the bottle is powered by a six month, replaceable battery.

Bellabeat is having a pretty good year having just crossed the 700,000 sales mark for the Leaf Nature and Leaf Urban trackers. Shipping of the Spring bottle will begin in June - sign up to the waitlist here.

Bellabeat's new Spring smart water bottle works with its Leaf trackers