The best VR headsets: The top virtual reality devices to go and buy now

Do you go Rift or PS VR, Vive or Daydream? We help you decide
The best VR headsets

The Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, Samsung Gear VR and the HTC Vive have taken the virtual reality medium into the mainstream.

For the uninitiated, VR is an immersive experience in which your head movements are tracked in a three-dimensional world, making it ideally suited to games and movies.

While VR was a non-starter back in the 90s, developers are now creating mind-blowing experiences that are now very much being played in people's living rooms. Meanwhile, AR and mixed reality are starting to appear on the scene, blending our world with the virtual one.

Explained: How does VR actually work?

But what are the best VR headsets and which one should you go and buy? We've put together the definitive selection of the most gob-smackingly awesome devices just waiting to be strapped to your face.

Read on for the full list…

The PC and console headsets

This group of headgear is what most of the fuss over the past two years has been about. The Oculus and HTC both work with a PC, the PlayStation VR with a PlayStation 4 so you'll need one of those first. For any of these, you'll need at least $350 and for Rift and Vive you're looking at double that including controllers.

Oculus Rift

Best VR headsets

The Oculus Rift is the headset that started the current hysteria. Developed by Palmer Luckey, funded via Kickstarter and snapped up by Facebook for a cool $2 billion, the Rift plugs into your computer's DVI and USB ports and tracks your head movements to provide 3D imagery on its stereo screens.

The consumer edition Rift uses a 2160 x 1200 resolution, working at 233 million pixels per second, with a 90Hz refresh rate. It's high-tech stuff, which matches the HTC Vive for refresh rate, but lags behind PlayStation VR on this front. However, given its access to the power of the latest PCs, it's pushing a lot more pixels than Sony's headset.

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The Oculus Touch controllers arrived at the end of 2016 and, through our testing, have pushed Rift to the top of the VR headset pile. Simply put, the Oculus Rift platform is finally a finished product that excels at giving you the VR experience the company initially promised. Now the price is still a sore subject, so it won't be for everyone, but it is the best all-round VR headset you can get right now. Be sure to read our definitive Oculus Rift review for more details.

$599, | Amazon

HTC Vive

The best VR headsets: The top virtual reality devices to go and buy now

The HTC Vive was made in collaboration with PC games giant Valve and works with Valve's mammoth gaming ecosystem. HTC packs in 70 sensors to offer 360-degree head-tracking as well as a 90Hz refresh rate; the stat that's key to keeping down latency, which is the technical term for the effect that causes motion sickness. Thankfully that wasn't an issue in our review, which can't be said about every device.

Essential reading: Best HTC Vive games

It doesn't rival PS VR for games you already know and love, but in terms of experimentation, there's plenty to explore. However the key to the HTC Vive's success is the Lighthouse room tracking, which enables you to move around with the headset on. It means mounting some sensors in your home, but the effect is next level.

For a long time, the Vive stood as the reigning champ of VR headsets but after revisiting the device in closer comparisons to Oculus Rift and PS VR, it's been moved to second place for a variety of reasons. That doesn't detract from our earlier experiences though, and it still won our Award for best VR headset of 2016. It's also set to get even better with HTC's new peripherals, including the TPCast module for taking it wireless, and the new Trackers, which will turn just about anything into a controller. Check out our HTC Vive review to see why we think it's an awesome VR experience.

$799, | Amazon

Sony PlayStation VR

The best VR headsets: The top virtual reality devices to go and buy now

PlayStation VR will be most people's introduction to 'good' VR. It's not perfect but it's going after console gamers hard and, ultimately, it is still a truly awesome PS4 accessory. There's nothing else in the PS VR's category of quality but affordable VR; therefore it is the benchmark for mainstream console VR. Since launch too, there's been a steady stream of new titles including Resident Evil 7.

Essential reading: Best PlayStation VR games

With its low price and PS4 compatibility, PlayStation VR has the chance to go big – even if, by its own admission, the tech isn't quite up to the standards of its competitors. Check out our full PlayStation VR review for all the in-depth details...

$399, | Amazon

Windows 10 VR (coming soon)

The best VR headsets: The top virtual reality devices to go and buy now

If you're interested in the Rifts and Vives, Microsoft's plans for Windows 10 VR are worth a mention. That's mainly as the headsets from HP, Dell, Lenovo & Acer are set to slash the price of VR for PC owners.

The headsets are due to go on sale in the second half of 2017 for between $300 and $400. And they should work with more modestly-specced PCs than the first cohort of headsets.

All we know so far is that the headsets have a headband-style design, will have two depth sensing cameras on the front for room-scale tracking without extra sensors and that there may be some cross-platform apps for both Windows VR and HoloLens (below). So it might be worth hanging on to see how these devices perform.

The mobile headsets

These are the best headsets that you can slot your phone into to power it. They're generally wireless and under $100 so a whole different ball game to the beasts above. Be careful though, certain devices work with certain phones.

More options: The best smartphone headsets for VR apps

Samsung Gear VR

best VR headset

Last year's Samsung Gear VR doesn't look much different to its predecessor but it has several upgrades that make it totally worth it. Gone is the hugely annoying lens fog thanks to new vents and more space inside the headset.

Of course, the visual experience of using Gear VR will depend on which Samsung smartphone you use. But there are some improvements to the actual headset no matter which Sammie handset you've got – specifically Samsung has widened the viewing angle to 101 degrees (from 96 degrees) and darkened the colour tint to reduce glare and reflections.

The price of the latest Gear VR hasn't gone up at all either – you'll just need one of the following compatible devices to plug in: Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, Note 5, S6, S6 Edge or S6 Edge+. Read our full Samsung Gear VR review for more details and impressions. If you have a Samsung phone, this is still the best mobile VR experience you can get.

$99, | Amazon

Google Daydream View

best VR headset

The first headset born out of Google's Daydream VR platform, View was first revealed at I/O 2016. Google claims View is 30% lighter than other mobile headsets on the market – no names named but we'd guess they mean the newest Samsung Gear VR.

For now it's only compatible with a handful of handsets including Google's new Pixel phone, but expect more Daydream-ready smartphone throughout 2017. We've done a full Google Daydream VR review and have to say the headset has gone down well at Wareable HQ - our only niggle is the comfort and light bleed which isn't quite up to scratch.

Still, with an impressive batch of launch apps and a bundled handheld controller, when it comes to mobile VR experiences, it's already one of the best. Look out for more details around Huawei's Daydream VR headset and more this year.

$79 | | Amazon

Google Cardboard

The best VR headsets: The top virtual reality devices to go and buy now

Google announced its Cardboard virtual reality headset way back at I/O 2014. Popping a smartphone into a cardboard container and then strapping it to your head may sound like a joke, but it actually works and is a low-cost way to experience virtual reality.

After all, your smartphone contains all the necessary gyroscopic sensors and positioning systems to accurately track your head movements. There's actually a bunch of unofficial Cardboard headsets but Google also now sells the real deal in its store. It's better than you'd think... honest.

Take a look at the best Google Cardboard VR apps and games.

$15 | | Amazon

Mixed reality & misc headsets

Below are a couple of options which are on sale but will suit developers and hackers more than your average gamer. Some like the HoloLens do mixed reality, rather than strict virtual reality, and others like Fove bring something to the table that you won't find on the current generation of headsets.

Microsoft HoloLens

best VR headset

Not a copycat of the big VR headsets, Microsoft HoloLens blends virtual and augmented reality to make one of the most ambitious launches ever planned – you can buy it now if you're a dev (and you've got money to burn). The device merges real-world elements with virtual 'holographic' images, meaning you can look at your Minecraft world on your kitchen table, or walk around the surface of Mars in your living room.

Must read: Everything you need to know about AR

Using Kinect-style tech to recognise gestures and voice commands, the headset has a 120-degree field of vision on both axis, and is capable of 'high definition' visuals, but it's still a letterbox compared to the likes of Oculus and Vive. More importantly, however, there's no connection to a PC – a full Windows 10 system is built into the headset and runs off a battery.

The Development Edition is available now for Windows Insider members with a price tag of $3,000.


Fove 0

best VR headset

The Fove 0 differs from the likes of Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR because it offers interactive eye-tracking. Inside the headset is an infrared sensor that monitors the wearer's eyes; offering both a new control method and an edge on its competitors when it comes to realism.

Read this: We go eyes on with Fove 0 – less virtual, more reality

With Fove, simulated depth-of-field is possible, due to the system knowing exactly what you're looking at, and as a result, the virtual should appear more real. The Fove setup is an 5.7-inch, 1440p, display; a 100+ degree field of view; 70fps frame rate; and eye-tracking measured at 120fps.

With the redesigned developer kit, gone are the big side panels and quite a lot of the heft of the last prototype design. The company promises the new model offers "dramatically reduced weight, size and overall wearability, as well as better production efficiency." You might have to wait a bit though - the company tells us there's no consumer version launch plans at the moment.


Razer OSVR HDK 2

best VR headsets

Razer's OSVR isn't a rival to the likes of Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and Samsung Gear VR. Instead, it's intended to make life easier for developers to make applications for VR hardware, without technical (software and hardware) limitations getting in their way.

You can pick up the OSVR Hacker Developer Kit 2 now. Its 2160 x 1200 dual OLED display puts it right up against the big names. However, there are still some comfort issues to work through. As the name says, the headset still remains open source, allowing third parties to do whatever they want with it.


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  • IONVR says:

    How about the ImmersiON-VRelia products? Rated "Best of CES 2015" by GamBit magazine and winner for "Best designed VR-Headset" by


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      • RabidPenguin says:

        Have you tried StarVR? I have. The potential is there but its not ready to compete with the likes of Oculus or Vive. At least as of my last try of it. I'm sure they have improved it but they are also not planning a consumer release now and are instead focusing on the DoD and research markets. I found their purported 5k screen to not add much to visual quality and there was more pixelation. The wider field of view also didn't do a lot for me, BUT on that I will say I only got 15 minutes with it and it takes longer than that to get used to "seeing" with devices like this. So with more time that expanded field of view might have meant more to me. Again there is no doubting the potential there, but I don't think I could give it the best VR tag. Then again, it's subjective and this is only my opinion on the current state of it. Though I wouldn't call FOVE of Carl Zeiss great VR either. OSVR isn't even in the ballpark as of my last try. So yeah. The list is also subjective. Hehe.

        • chuanxu says:

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    • videogames69 says:

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      I would try to create an architectural model (e.g. in SketchUp) and import the model in Unity3D.

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    (sigh) why not just use all of their resources and put them together so that way VRMMOs will become reality faster.

    • Demortes says:

      Competition brings about better stuff for consumers. Monopolies not so much. I get what you mean, but one solution doesn't fit all.

      • ExiHyp says:

        There is no actual competition. It's just the left and the right hands of the same body, to make an impression of a competition.

      • Steamerandy says:

        On one point I agree. On smart phone vr apps anyway. The use of controllers needs to be addressed. The controler options button maping, magnet or keyboard should by configurable. Some apps move in the direction you look. You can't look around to see were you might won't to go without moving in the direction you are look8ng. Others allow game controler to be used. Most intuitive is strafe, forward and back. Joy stick movement relative to view direction. We shouldn't have to be turing around in an our real environment that we cannot see with the headset on to control our orientation in the vr environment.  I originally purchased a cheap plastic cardboard headset. Just upgraded to a FreeFly headset. The field of view and optics were well worth it. app Halls Of Fear is a good example of controller use.

  • garymatt says:

    Am I the only one?  Sure the best finest most wonderful game in VR would be fantastic BUT for years and I do mean years I have lusted after what surely must be for sale somewhere by somebody: A computer connected head worn device that would just let you watch movies in big screen splendor, sound included.  Even strapping a phone to your face embedded in cardboard seems possible.  If only getting movies to phones weren't such hassle that has to be repeated for every movie.

    Griping aside, is there such a beast and I am just too out of touch to be able to find it? Oh yeah, preferably costing less than a Ferrari.


    • Aussiedog says:

      That's what the Avegant Glyph does among other things.

    • Aussiedog says:

      That is what the Avegant Glyph does, as well as VR applications.

    • jwatson says:

      KODI  ;)

  • scalibur says:

    why do I feel like this is turning into another pc vs console, Microsoft vs apples...., and Xbox vs Playstation vs nintendo vs steam vs nvidia kind of thing. I don't feel good about this. Sorry guys, I am happy it's finally happening, but this is going to be hairy the first year with all the competition, die hard fans, and most likely esclusivity of softwares or apps. 

  • Kaushik says:

    What about the people wearing spectacles. Will the device as mentioned above fit well with the spectacles on?

    Would be grateful for your response.

    • coltonb13 says:

      i can only speak for Samsung VR and id assume the other high end ones do as well. There is an adjustable knob to put it into focus. Im blind as a bat, an my gf 20/20, 3sec slide of a jnob and we both see perfectly 

    • sindrirune says:

      I was wondering the same thing and read some offer adjustable lens to help with those of us that wear glasses.... I just wanted to find a pair of VR glasses for my nephew who loves to watch movies on my iPhone 6 Plus.... He is also into Mind Craft... So this idea was to keep him happy when he visits. Of course most of our time is spent playing outdoors and enjoying nature ... Balance is important

  • GrtwWhtBuffalo says:

    Why cant they just make a screen that i strap to my face that i can play my PC games on with a normal ass controller? no vr or head tracking. just something simple and inexpensive.

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    How about StarVR ?

  • MistaP says:

    This is a fast-moving field - and in 2 months this article is out of date. I just ordered the Samsung Gear VR for $99. With the 4K screen on my Note 5 and an iPEGA bluetooth controller for $30, I'm looking forward to the VR age - arriving next week!

    • codah says:

      Note 5 is not 4K

      • Grimreaper364 says:

        I believe it's 1440p which is excellent for the Gear VR.

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    Error in this article. Driving me crazy.  "Snapped by by Facebook"

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    Smartphone VR is bad VR.

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      Atleast it gives you a sneak peek into the VR world without adding much costs.

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    I like the thinking behind the Vove but looking at the demo videos I notice the out of focus blurring doesn't seem that natural. Whilst "out of focus" objects are blurred internally, their edges are relatively sharp which makes the whole effect look weird IMHO.

  • Truegamer says:

    I think all of these VR gadgets are to VR what the Atari 2600 was to video game consoles back in the day. In other words, they're unwieldy, low-quality gadgets and hardly worth more than an eyebrow raise. In a few more years, they'll be ready for prime time. Right now, they're little more than novelties for those with more money than sense.

  • dougieconnor says:

    Why is no one mentioning Vuzix The iWear Video Headphones no VR in the Title but they are VR with HDMI input, built in android os. Not cheap but worth the price

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  • Glowzinski says:

    Well, I have all the game systems out.  I have a Mac.  The best new Mac Pro I could get.  After reading all the stuff I have read, on the VR things.  I am happy that I pre ordered the PS VR.  I have never had a problem with the motion controls for the system.  I do not have Windows 10.  If anything, I think of the three, PS VR will be on it's own.  The other two will be competing with one another.  Then, of those two, I really think the winner will be the HTC.  Requiring one to have Windows, just seems like a bad idea.  Right there, they limit those who can use them.  Plus, the computer you need to run the thing, limits it even more.  Same with the HTC thing.  I will get the PS VR.  If I like it, I will be happy to get newer ones from the company.

  • fb_10207144306 says:

    Theres only one race going on for VR headsets. Whos going bankrupt 1st? This is nothing but a kinect eye piece. expensive with no reason to exist. 

  • Theorn says:

    I got a gear VR for free with my new Samsung galaxy s7 edge. My girlfriend tells me that it's great, but it's a useless piece of tech for me. My IDP is wider than the fixed size of the headset, so all I see are blurry comet trails that completely destroy the image to the point that I can't make out anything more than vague shapes. Headsets with out adjustable idp are worthless and should considered as such. Are there any headsets that can access a host of apps that will allow adjustment of idp?

  • Xin2wu says:

    can't wait for newest development where the headset combines functionality that not only reduce eyes fatigue but can also detect retinas movement. Imagine using that kind of headset with something like kinect that detect our movement plus using them on games with something like Cyberith's. Playing Final Fantasy or Bokujou Monogatari will be awesome!!! How many years will that

  • Bria06 says:

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    I love the atmosphere and the soundtrack (Specially the fantasy side, kinda disney meets tim burton)

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  • shanoabelnades says:

           looks like apple missed the going on samsung on this one~xoxo

  • thrikanth says:

    The quality is fine and the comfort level is good.

    But to open it while using every time to select smthing is a burden...and I feel I might damage it if I open it every single time..
    Overall, a fine VR for the price but they could have a better job.

  • PeteScoff says:

    All-In-One VR Headset on sale at $99.99!


  • VirtualFred says:

    "Can't we all just get along?"

    "All V. R. Matters".

    Or, was it lives? Was that yesterday or last week? 

    "Burn your Bra's", ya, that's the ticket!

    "Don't wear White after Labor Day"...

    "A bird in the hand", is worth, a bird in your hand... What no bush?  Bush went away with Mustache Porn in the 80's. Get the sheers! 

    Stop,  I'm going blind from all of this Virtual Junk-Spanking.

    It is, what it is; what is it? Virtual Reality,  of course. . .

    I'm not really writing this and you're not really reading this. 

    Wake Up... Wake Up! You've been in a Virtual Coma. 

    If you went on a virtual camping trip and you woke up the next morning with your virtual asshole covered in virtual vasoline and in virtual pain..

    Would you tell anyone?  No, you say?    **Virtual Campers Wanted, see Dr. Mel Practice for details. 

    I amuse myself.  It's okay, I'll be here all week. Tip your virtual waitresses. 

  • Segahogzombie says:

    can we stop with "vr" its not the next big thing. too many Company's are scared to invest on something so pricey. The product is horrrible cause
    (The main product)
    1. the vr headset has no guts it has to take guts from your computer which normally people spend $200 or $300 for shitty 2.0 processor's (so this getting high number of sale is out of the option)

    2. The controllers are just wii remotes, also its a headset with simple motion controls

    3. The device cost too much even more than a console which actually has guts not a fuckin screen in your face which cant even do that by itself without needing a monster ass computer

    In short "VR" is another failed product in the market

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  • treeda15 says:

    C'mon there is so much movement right now on the market and I think Google will make the difference at the market. The new VR day dream sounds promising and I hope that it will be also compatible with samsung smartphones, but we will see. 

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  • rokonzaman12 says:

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  • Wervrsucks says:

    I'd like to warn everyone about "we-r-vr" headsets sold at trade shows. I can't contact them directly, website is slick but doesn't actually work. The headset works, but the remote doesn't sync with an iPhone so games are impossible. And I was told we could play coop games so I bought 2, but there are no compatible coop games. So I have two headsets collecting dust...

  • nieprzecieetnia says:

    Did someone try Vrizzmo VR? 
    They say that they have the best field of view.  Design looks very cool, but how about optics. Did someone use it ?

  • crazykid says:

    If someone can contact one of these companies ask them if they can make a Pokemon game with one of those tracks. that you run on and your player moves. Some will know what i'm talking about where you can throw the poke balls with the new virtual reality gloves that will come out next year i think but i'm sure someone else as asked this because well op Pokemon.

  • Rolex1965 says:

    WTF. I came here for some suggestions and I see a bunch of freaks posting about Jesus and VR. 

    Anyone have any comments on Matari VR headsets. I want a self contained unit. 

    I need it to View movies and shopping. Not needed for games. 

    Add porn to my viewing list. Lol  This will probably set off all the god fearing VR folks. Lol. 

  • Rolex1965 says:

    I came here for some suggestions and I find a bunch of god fearing folk fear VR being used for porn. Go to another website and bother other people. I want a unit that is fully. Obtained. I want to use it for movies mostly. I don't play video games. Any suggestions or comments on the Matari headset on Amazon. 

    For the god fearing folk. I'm watching all the porn I want to 27/7 and never taking it off. Am I going to Hades. Lol. Lol. Lol. 

  • VirtualBill says:

    I have never EVER been sooo entertained, scrolling through a forum, I think I read every comment, I think you could discuss ear-mites and their adverse effects to the Third world economy, throw in a couple rapid-fire bible snipers, and you have yourself an "informative, yet entertaining discussion", I thank you all, & Have a wonderful day, if not? Find a forum and bitch about, we have nothing but time.

  • Yoyo100 says:

    so I have free vr headset but idk bout the quality what is the best one for android I have lg v10??

  • krafteame says:

    is the Astoriavr is it worth buying?

  • findsolits says:

    I do agree with the author about the Sony VR headset, VR has many applications now from selling homes to therapy sessions, but I think it will be the games consoles that really get the edge. Facebook and Oculus are leading the way with the social side of VR.

    VRMarket - The virtual reality marketplace, making VR more affordable

  • bscolaro says:

    I look forward to the advancement with Virtual Reality and its uses in the health and mental health care industries. We've been using the Gear VR in our therapy practice before it launched to the general public, and it's been extremely helpful to combat phobias, social anxiety, depression and more. I hope more developers understand the impact this tech can continue to have and advocate for it's functional advancement in a clinical setting. If anyone is interested in our actual mental health work with VR in NYC you can check out .Cheers! 

  • BerggreenDK says:

    Where is CastAR in all this? They came out as a Kickstarter project and has 3 ways in one. AR AR on reflective surface, AR in glasses and VR with blocking pads. Look it up.. 

  • humayun-mirza says:

    Im looking for complete VR setup with platform and all accesories. Please contact ASAP. And let me know the complete setup cost with shipment to Karachi,Pakistan.


  • PEZPIGaming says:

    I agree with your picks - HTC Vive is the highest quality VR headset and PlayStation VR is the best for the price. Microsoft HoloLens price tag though is ridiculous. Here's my comparison of the best VR headsets

  • Maxim says:

    VR is the future, and Sony Playstation VR is great for the market.
    The first AAA games come from 2017, I am particularly on Fallout 4 VR.
    At the moment is probably the best Playstation VR game is Resident Evil, you are only afraid I do not even open doors.
    The immersion and the feeling in this horror house is indescribable, people plays the game necessarily in VR.
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  • teleninak says:

    I wish they would make virtual churches soon, so you sinner could ask for god's forgiveness.. we pray together in the virtual church, ain't that a good idea? 

    let me guide you to stick it into a nun as we pray

  • ischuim says:

    i think we should travel at the speed of light, oh sorry we are talking about vr sets not god or the speed of light.

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