Google Home Mini might be on the way to compete with Echo Dot

Google is miniaturizing its Home smart speaker
Google's Amazon Echo Dot rival incoming

Google's battle with Amazon as the center of the smart home has ramped up. The two companies are trading announcements and new features, aiming to one up each other in their quest for smart speaker domination. The latest twist is that Google is prepping a miniaturized version of Google Home.

That report comes from Android Police, which says a source familiar with Google's plans tells them a smaller, more affordable Google Home could be launched as soon as October, when the Mountain View company is expected to launch new Pixel phones.

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There's no other information about this Google Home Mini. We don't know how small it could be, what it could look like or how much it'll cost. Google Home isn't exactly expensive at $129, making it more affordable than Amazon's comparable Echo, which goes for $179 regularly.

We can probably expect a price point similar to the Echo Dot though. That device has been a boon for Amazon's smart home aspirations. It's wildly popular, and it's priced low enough that it feels like an impulse buy. If Google can match or beat the Echo Dot in price, and based on Google Home pricing it seems like the company might want to do that, then Google Home's breakout moment could be on the way shortly.

Of course, we don't know what kind of features could be lost with the miniaturizing. For what it's worth, the Echo Dot isn't too much of a downgrade from the larger Echo, other than number of speakers and microphones.

New report says a Google Home Mini might be on the way to compete with Echo Dot

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