​New Game Golf LIVE adds real time smartphone insights for your round

Shot tracking wearable now acts as a range-finder out on the course
Game Golf updates for real time data
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Game Golf, the round tracking wearable, has been updated to add a host of new features.

The new tracker dubbed Game Golf LIVE gets its name from the new smartphone paired app, which enables you to get more information when out on the course.

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For the uninitiated Game Golf consists of a wearable receiver that clips to your waistband and a bunch of sensors that plug into the top of your clubs. You tap the top of the club on your belt before you play a shot, and when you get back you'll see a map of your shots, as well as stats on average distances with each club, success rates, putting data and a whole lot more.

However, the previous Game Golf only got useful when you got home from a round, and as we mentioned in our review, built up a few rounds of history.

Game Golf LIVE adds real time insights by connecting to a smartphone app. You can use it for yardages to the pin, a major omission from the last model and a real bone of contention for those who need to fork out for a GPS watch and the Game Golf system.

Game Golf Classic
Game Golf Classic

It's also added Google Maps imagery in addition to Bing and Apple's own cartography.

There are also additions to the post-round analysis as well. There's now a feature called Stroke Gained analysis that helps players find weaknesses in their game to work on during lessons or at the range. It will also put you up against scratch golfers to see which element is contributing to your downfall.

Game Golf LIVE is set to retail for $299.99 and previous owners of the Game Golf Classic (as it's now being marketed) can upgrade for $149 if they get in before 11 November.