These ten Tennis Activity Tracker apps want to turn you pro

Tennis apps offer coaching, score tracking and connect you with other players

The Tennis Activity Tracker crowdfunding campaign is trying to raise $100,000 to develop a suite of 10 tennis apps.

The apps will allow you to create customised workouts, track calories burned, watch videos showing proper form and technique, keep score during a match and even find players in your area to play with.

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The apps are designed to cater for all abilities, whether you're wondering which end to hold the racket or fine tuning your backhand.

The company behind the Tennis Activity Tracker, Off-Season Sports, plans to offer a service of real life tennis coaches that you'll be able to send three minute videos to. This way you'll be able to receive real-life feedback on your technique, and how you can improve.

The apps are: Fundamentals, Swing Feedback, Virtual Coaching, VS App, Rules Manual, Nutrition Goals, Let's Play Tennis, Workout app, Neuro Tennis and Social app.

All pretty self-explanatory apart from Neuro Tennis which is a bunch of strategy improving smartwatch games. The Social app will include a livestream of scores from pro matches and the VS app will probably get lots of use as it's the one which keeps track of scores while playing.

The apps will work on the Apple Watch as well as Android Wear smartwatches. The 10 apps with six months of the Tennis Activity Tracker service will cost you $45 on the Indiegogo campaign, which will save you $40 from the retail price of $95.

If you don't have a smartwatch, the campaign has options to order a three month subscription and an LG G Watch for $155 or three months with an Apple Watch for $405 . It's an interesting approach but with the apps covering everything a budding tennis player could need, Off-Season Sports could be onto a winner.

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