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Styr Labs turns fitness tracker data into nutritional supplements

Health and fitness platform works with Fitbit and Jawbone trackers

It doesn't matter how many steps you hammer out each day or how many times you spin in the gym, if you don't eat right, then you're not doing healthy right.

Styr Labs believes it has come up with a solution to add nutrition to the fitness tracking equation with its new platform that includes a set of connected devices and personalised nutritional supplements.

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It works by using the tracking and body composition data drawn from its own fitness tracker and wireless scale to deliver multivitamin and protein blends, which are sent out to your home. The good news is that you can actually use your own fitness tracker including Fitbit or Jawbone, plus it works with fitness apps like Strava as well.

The data drawn from the devices are cross referenced with a database that includes more than 250,000 scientific studies to create nutritional recommendations that are specifically tailored for you.

The supplements, which dissolve in water or juice, are made in the USA from pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and can be tailored specifically for vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free and Paleo followers. You can use the companion app to set up deliveries and as your data adjusts, so will the recommended supplements.

If you're interested in the hardware, the Styr activity tracker can monitor step count, calories and distance covered. There's a touchscreen display and it can be worn around the wrist and on your belt clip. The wireless scale can capture weight, fat percentage, muscle mass and water content readings.

You can order the multivitamin starter kit now which includes the activity band and 15 vitamin packets for $68. There's also a protein starter kit, which includes the wireless scale and 2 protein packets for $78.

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  • Lightwater says:

    Comparing this to "another Finnish company"? I think you may misunderstand the market quite a bit.

    The GPS watches and other smart watches are not the same category. Many of the users for these GPS watches are outdoor-oriented. They run, swim, hike, camping, climb... That's why GPS in the watch instead of phone is so important. Why getting a watch that can only last a day or two even without GPS on? what is the use of that? Unlike smart watch users, they go outdoors and they don't check their text messages every 100 feet walking. So GPS watch like Suunto or Garmin makes a whole lot sense to them. (I am one of them)

    Now these "smart" features, sure they are still nice to have. Hell some can even allow me to make a phone call. But these are for users living in a more urban life. Go to gym once or twice a week and they love to text friends even while walking in the park. Display are bright and colorful. For these users they already have a phone that has AGPS (not GPS) and all they need is a faster, more light-weight way to access. So smart watch may be a good choice for them. But at least for me (and many of my friends) GPS watch that last a few days with GPS mode is the product we need. Otherwise I would rather to go to these nice analog or hybrid watches that has sapphire glass with it, and then get the smallest GPS handheld I can find altogether.

    Use an easier analogy, would you think Jeep Wrangler drivers would switch to these EVs because they are so fuel efficient and electronics in it are nothing Jeep can compare to?

  • seasideslut says:

    I can't see anywhere on their website (or in this post) that explains how they customise supplements for individuals. It's really poorly explained.

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