Star.21 wants to level up your lifestyle

Funding target hit for Singapore-based fitness tracker
Star.21 wants to level up your lifestyle

Singapore-based company Oaxis has hit its Pozible crowdfunding target - meaning the intriguing Star.21 fitness band should hit the market in September.

Intriguing because, unlike rivals such as the Jawbone UP24 and the Fitbit Flex, the Star.21 tracker gamifies your lifestyle and claims to be able to make you form "long lasting healthy habits".

The idea of gamifying your tracked fitness data isn't a new one - NikeFuel is the obvious example - but Oaxis' premise of levelling-up based on your activities, with the ultimate goal of creating new habits in just 21 days is certainly unique.

In the first 21 days of wearing the Star.21, users are set goals with increasing difficulty and are rewarded when they complete a challenge by progressing to the next level. If a challenge isn't met the punishment is demotion to the previous level.

"The human brain is capable of rewiring itself in 21 days to establish new neural pathways through repetitive actions, hence long lasting habits can be formed," claims Oaxis.

You'll find the usual fitness tracker features on board - calorie counting, step counting and sleep analysis - all of which are incorporated into the game objectives.

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Initially users will be given reminders to help them meet their lifestyle objectives - eat more fruit, take more steps, go to bed and so on - and the theory is that, by day 22, healthy habits will be so ingrained in the user's day-to-day activities that no reminders will be necessary.

It's definitely a unique approach for a fitness tracker and we applaud the fresh thinking of trying to overcome the 'novelty' problem that this category of wearables suffers from.

If you hit the crowdfunding page early enough it's possible you could grab a Star.21 for less than £30 with shipping to the UK. The general release is expected to be in September.


  • Joanna2014 says:

    The item already in Pozible, cool!

    • p.lamkin says:

      Yep - we've got our hands on one, review coming soon.

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