​Runtastic Moment analogue watch and fitness tracker breaks cover

The successor to the Runtastic Orbit is a smart analogue watch
​Runtastic Moment is another analogue hybrid

Runtastic has announced its to release a new daily activity tracker, with the tech hidden inside an analogue watch.

The company, which was recently snapped up by Adidas, has created a device similar to the Withings Activité and Helvetica No.1 Smart. Like those two devices, the Runtastic Moment will track steps and sleep and active minutes from the wrist, using an accelerometer built into the body of the watch.

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The Moment comes in three designs, aimed at different sized wrists and personal styles: Fun, Basic, Elite and Classic.

The Runtastic Moment Fun and Basic models are smaller with a silicon strap while Runtastic Moment Elite comes in stainless steel. The Moment Classic completes the line-up, and while it's smaller than the Classic (and possibly more feminine) it comes in silver, gold and rose gold.

The watches all look fairly standard, with none of the devices we were shown oozing anywhere near the same style or class as the Withings or Helvetica devices. However, Runtastic has got the price right and the Moment starts at £99 for the Basic model and Classic and Elite models clock in at a very reasonable £149.

The Moment uses a built in watch battery and promises around six months of use, and is waterproof to 300m – despite not offering any swimming or diving functionality.

Curiously, the Moment is also remarkably unsuited to running. When synced with the Runtastic Me app it will display run distance using the watch hands, though you will need to run with your phone for GPS.

It's certainly a play by Runtastic to woo its less hardcore users into a lifestyle fitness product – although how many will associate the brand with what's essentially a teched up fashion watch remains to be seen.

The Runtastic Moment goes on sale today from the Runtastic Online Shop.

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