Razer Nabu X: On sale now for $49.99 or £44.99 in the UK

Budget fitness tracker sales go live both sides of the Atlantic

The wallet-friendly Razer Nabu X has gone on sale. You can order one directly from Razer's online store for $49.99, or £44.99 in the UK.

Razer's second attempt at a fitness tracker was only announced a couple of weeks ago at CES, and the period between unveiling and it going on sale is in stark contrast to the 11 months or so it took for the original Nabu to be made available.

The Nabu X is essentially a half-priced Nabu; it sacrifices a screen to display notifications to keep the price down.

Essential guide: What you need to know about the Razer Nabu X

It can track distance, steps, calories and sleep, and is a little smaller than its big brother. The tracker itself is a detachable module with three colour LEDs to notify you of smartphone notifications, or tell you how well you're doing against your goals.

Part of Razer's big plan is to make its wearables social using its Pulse tech. The Nabu X can be share activity data, interact with multiplayer games or 'high five' other Nabu or Nabu X users nearby to quickly exchange Facebook or Twitter info.

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