Path Breath and Fat Band smells your breath to detect fat burn

Wearable and breathalyser combo claims to be world's first metabolic fitness tracker
Path's wearable duo can detect fat burn

What if there was a fitness tracker that could tell you the exact amount of time you need to spend in the gym to burn off that burger you had for lunch? Well, the team at Path Design believes it has come up with a wearable solution that does that very thing.

The Path setup is made up of two devices, the first is the Breath breathalyser which users will have to breathe into for roughly five minutes once a month while you're out doing an exercise activity. This allows the device to measure oxygen and CO2 levels to predict your 24-hour metabolism to the minute.

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It sounds like a very similar process to the one we first heard about with the LEVL fitness tracker, which taps into a state known as ketosis when the body is burning fat for energy and during that process is able to indicate fat burn through exhaled breath.

Path fat band fitness tracker release date price specs

Along with the Breath monitor is the wristworn Fat band that features a pulsing LED notification light and monitors a user's active minutes. There's also a heart rate monitor to deliver bpm readings continuously.

From the iOS and Android-friendly companion smartphone app, you'll get exercise recommendations using both metabolic and heart rate data to accurately predict both the intensity and exact minutes of exercise you need to burn off that fat. When it comes to calories, most fitness trackers rely on their own algorithms and heart rate data to estimate calorie burn.

The Path Breath and Fat Band is currently on Kickstarter trying to raise funds and it's already passed its $30,000 target with the campaign only a few days old. You'll need to pledge at least $259 to get one, with shipping scheduled for July 2017.

We're going to be speaking to the team behind the Breath and Fat Band to find out a bit more about how it all works and why smelling your breath is key to shifting the pounds.

Path fat band fitness tracker release date price specs

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