Oaxis Wellness Suite takes lifestyle tracking a step further

Singapore-based company's second crowdfunding smash hit ships later this year
Oaxis Wellness Suite hits target

Last year, Oaxis – a Singapore based startup – had crowdfunding success last year with the Star.21 fitness band, and now it's back for a second bite of the Pozible pie with its Wellness Suite.

Rather than focusing on a solitary device, Oaxis thinks that the connected self revolution needs to tap into multiple devices. It's a similar setup to the one Fitbit and Withings have adopted with its range of connected health products.

The Oaxis Wellness Suite consists of a duo of wrist-based wearables, some smart scales and a tech-ladden water bottle.

The wearables

There are two wearables in the Suite; a bpm monitoring activity tracker called the O2 Fitness Band, which tracks resting and active heart rates using an electro-optical cell sensor.

Because light-based optical HRMs need to be tight to the skin, Oaxis has come up with a corrugated strap design for the O2, with air flow channels specially designed to keep skin dry and cool.

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The second tracker, the Ji Cheng Fitness Band, is a collaboration with a Shanghai-based designer and tracks daily activity levels such as steps, calories burned and sleep quality.

The two bands sync with the LifeBalanz app, which calculates fluid loss based on activity levels recorded on the O2 Fitness Band.


This takes us on to the next part of the Wellness Suite family, the Vita Smart Bluetooth Water Bottle.

Like smart water bottles we've seen in the past, this tech'd-up bottle will record how much water you drink in a day, but takes things to the next level by offering up details on the purity of your drinking water and its temperature.

Rather than sticking to a set volume of water per day rule of thumb, the clever bottle has personalised recommendations based on the activity recorded through the Oaxis wearables.

Step up

The final piece of the Oaxis puzzle is the Glo Smart Bluetooth Body Analyzer - a set of smart scales that measures fat index, lean body mass, bone mass, body water index, basal metabolism and body age.

It uses bioelectrical impedance sensors to record these metrics and and recommends workouts, through the app, based on the analysis.

Target smashed

Oaxis has already sailed past its target crowdfund figure, with well over a month to go. There are various price points depending on what specific devices you're after. Shipping is set for September.

In theory, it's a great idea. We're just hoping the company has sorted out the app and syncing issues that plagued the Star.21. We had serious problems attempting to test our review sample.

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