​Moov Now tips: Get more from your coaching sessions

How to get more from your wearable fitness coach
​Moov Now tips

If you've splashed the cash on Moov Now, you've made a pretty good choice: no wearable device has scored higher in Wareable's stringent reviews, and it's capable of helping you step up your runs, swims, rides and workouts.

The Moov app is pretty easy to master, but under the surface are a host of tweaks and options that can help you get more from your wearable personal trainer. From pairing up third party heart rate monitors to fine tuning distances, there are plenty of nifty tricks frequent Moovers need to know.

We've been using Moov for a couple of months now and have compiled this list of helpful tips and tricks:

Double up for boxing

Partnering two Moov devices enables you to collect double the metrics, which is super handy for the boxing mode. You can pair multiple Moovs just by pressing the button on top when starting the boxing workout, and you'll get the full credit for your punches.

Edit the length of your laps

Moov is great for swimming, but you can improve the accuracy by editing the distance of each lap of the pool. To do this just go tap on the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the swimming results screen and then select Edit Distance.

Change measurements

Love to work in kilometers rather than miles? Or did you go metric back in the 80s? To switch the units of measurement in Moov just head to the settings cog icon and then tap the Measurement tab to toggle between the two.

Watch your form

When you're using the 7 Minute Workout mode, you need to wear Moov on the wrist. But a word to the wise: make sure you're completely still before each set to initiate the coaching, and most importantly, pay attention to the body position shown in the app. Failure to get your hands in the right position can lead to missed reps, which will just make the session harder.

Turn down audio frequency

Moov is all about the audio coaching, but if you're doing a free run, you might just want a bit of peace and quiet. Luckily, you can turn trim audio updates. Tap Coach on the workout screen and then turn on Reduced Coaching.

Factor in a warm up

Before workout sessions Moov will factor in a five minute workout, which is highly recommended to prepare your body for the inevitable onslaught. However, we often started our workout when we left the house, only for the session to start a minute before we reached the park. Our tip: factor in that time to avoid having to start your intervals down a crowded high street.

Or skip the warm up

Alternatively, you can skip the warm up altogether. To get on with your intervals just press the play button to get on with things. But please make sure you don't go into your workouts cold.

Sync a third party heart rate monitor

The iOS version of the Moov app (sorry Android folks) enables you to add a heart rate monitor for your workouts. To connect this up you'll need a Bluetooth HRM, not an ANT+, which is used on most chest straps. When you're connecting your Moov devices to your handset put your heart rate monitor into pairing mode. It will then show up within the app.

Add treadmill workout distances

If you're using Moov on a treadmill then you won't get the distance benefits of the GPS. However, you can enter the distance data from the treadmill manually. You'll be prompted to add the information when you end the session.

Hook up Apple Health

Total workouts, active calories and distance data can shared with Apple Health. Just head to the settings cog icon and turn on Apple Health syncing to have it added.

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