Misfit ups design game with Apple hire

iPad inventor is now leading the team at wearable company
Misfit ups design game with Apple hire

Design is about to get serious at Misfit after it hired Apple’s former VP of hardware, Josh Banko.

The former design man was responsible for the iPad and the gloriously crafted supercomputing trashcan the Mac Pro. He joined Misfit at the beginning of July, and has been talking about what’s cooking at the wearables company behind the Shine lifestyle tracker.

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“One thing I learned from Apple was to push the limits of things, we didn’t constrain people,” Banko told VentureBeat. “We want to have that same mindset [at Misfit]. We’ll do anything that we feel is compelling to consumers, and we’ll execute so it’s the most delightful product they know.”

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The company hasn’t been quiet since the launch of the Misfit Shine in 2013, and it's since launched the Beddit sleep monitor, and has taken the time to make a variety of cases, colours and even jewellery for the Shine. It's one of the companies leading the charge into making wearables work as fashion accessories.

The Misfit Shine already differs from much of the competition with its built-in watch battery, which offers a four-month battery life, compared to the few days offered by its competition.

Banko told VentureBeat that it would have news of new products “by the end of the year” and by holding such a senior position within Apple’s development teams, it seems unlikely that he wouldn’t have some insight into the look, feel and functionality of the iWatch.

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With that sort of information now in the driving seat at Misfit, who knows what sort of innovation we could see before the year is out.

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