Misfit Flash v Jawbone UP Move: Budget activity tracker head-to-head

Big battery life, small price tag – but what’s the best cheap fitness gadget for you?
Misfit Flash v Jawbone UP Move

As well as unleashing the sensor-packed Jawbone UP3 recently, Jawbone also fired a hefty shot at the budget fitness tracker market by revealing the Jawbone UP Move – an activity tracker with a sub-£40 price tag

UPDATE: You can now read our definitive Jawbone UP Move review andMisfit Flash review, now we've had time to try out both devices extensively.

Like the newly launched Misfit Flash, which comes in at under £50, the UP Move is a fitness gadget aimed at beginners looking to get on board with the connected health revolution.

But what one should you part with your money with? Read on for the full UP Move / Flash breakdown…

Jawbone UP Move v Misfit Flash: Design

Jawbone v Misfit

It's a given that if you halve the price of an existing product, build quality is likely to be a major casualty, and the Misfit Flash is no exception to this rule.

Unlike its bigger brother, the metallic Misfit Shine, it's a plastic affair but the good news for design aficionados is that Misfit is offering the Flash in a range of bright and bold colours, which makes the band a bit more personable.

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The design differences aren't all cosmetic though; the touch-sensitive face is now a physical button with brighter LEDs, and the Flash slips into the back of its strap, making it more difficult to lose.

It's fairly obvious that, as Misfit had the idea of making its popular Shine more affordable, the team at Jawbone realised a similar potential. However, we found that the Misfit Flash was easier to match up with normal everyday clothes, while the garish colours and rubber accessories made the Jawbone UP Move look a little childish and dainty, especially on our ultra manly-man wrists.

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The Jawbone UP Move is made from a nylon-like anodized aluminium, so isn't as plastic-fantastic as the Flash and is actually more similar to the Shine in that respect.

It comes in five colours, each with its own corresponding clip and you can also buy hypoallergenic wristbands to pop the UP Move unit into; again with five different colours to choose from.

Like the Flash, you're updated from the LED lights on the face of the tracker.

Both devices are designed to be worn in a band, on a clip, or simply popped in a pocket. However, you have to pay extra to buy the UP Move's rubber band, while both the clip and strap are supplied with the Misfit.

Jawbone UP Move v Misfit Flash: Tracking

Misfit vs Jawbone fitness tracker

The Jawbone UP Move packs a precision motion sensor, which works with the company's algorithms to track your steps, distance, calories, active time and idle time, and you'll be able to see your calories burned based on your age, gender, height and weight, along with activity intensity and duration.

There's also sleep tracking on offer, although you will need to tell your UP Move that you're about to turn in for the night.

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Sleep tracking is automatically detected on the Misfit Flash, which is a clearly an advantage. The Misfit Flash can track running, swimming, walking, cycling and even tennis and basketball.

Swimming is the key here – the Flash is water resistant to 30 metres whereas the UP Move is only splash proof and won't survive a dip.

There's plenty more detail in the results of the Jawbone UP Move, and far more insight into parts of your day. However, if you just want a general overview, and you're not too worried about tagging gym time or runs, then both bands do much the same.

Jawbone UP Move v Misfit Flash: Battery

Misfit set the benchmark for big battery life with the Shine and thankfully that continues with the new Flash range – with a 6-month+ life stated by its makers from the regular coin watch-style battery.

Jawbone has followed suit, stating that the lithium UP Move battery lasts up to 6 months – so there's nothing much to choose between them here.

Jawbone UP Move v Misfit Flash: Price

You can order a Jawbone UP Move now direct from the manufacturer for £39.99, which is £10 less than its Misfit Flash rival that retails for £49.99 in the UK.

In the US, however, they cost the same with a $49.99 price-tag.

Jawbone UP MOVE v Misfit Flash: Verdict

Jawbone UP MOVE v Misfit Flash

It's very hard to pick a winner as both budget trackers do much of a muchness with little (or no, if you live in the US) difference in price to separate them.

The design of the UP Move is probably a little more dynamic and the Jawbone UP app and community is streets ahead of Misfit's at the moment.

However, if you're looking for a tracker to take to the pool, there's only one option and it's the one in the Misfit corner.


  • 111111 says:

    Great review...Love the Misfit Flash and cant wait to buy it! 

  • tithenlas says:

    If you work for the Kroger family of stores, you can get the Jawbone UP Move for only $34.99. That was my deciding factor. 

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