Microsoft adds music controls and more in Band 2 update

New update also adds move reminders and enhanced Exercise Tiles
Microsoft Band 2 now controls your music
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Microsoft has updated the software of its newest Band fitness tracker in an effort to make the device more robust for users. The Band 2 now has music controls, move reminders and tracking for stationary exercise routines.

The music controller allows users to pause, play, skip songs, and adjust the volume of playback on smartphones and works with any music app.

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The move reminder gives you a virtual poke when you've been sitting on your butt for too long. In a neat update that goes beyond many of its rivals, you can choose the day and time intervals for getting reminders, and set daily time periods for when you normally are least active, so you can edit out your commute or sofa time.

The Exercise Tile has been updated to track the duration, calorie burn, and heart rate of exercises that don't cover distance, like weight lifting, sit-ups, and elliptical training. You can also name your own exercise if you don't see it on the list. Exercise routines will be grouped by type in the companion app.

The update is only available for the Microsoft Band 2. There is no information as to whether the company will roll out an update for the original Band.

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