Misfit wants you to totally customize your next fitness tracker

Choose your color, choose your style
Misfit's totally customizable wearables
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Wearables are extremely personal devices, so you should be able to personalize them to your unique style, right? That's just not possible though. Instead, you have to choose from what manufacturers offer and mix and match. Now Misfit is going to try something a little different.

The company is calling it Make Your Misfit, and the idea works a lot like Microsoft's customizable Xbox controller program. Basically, you can choose your device color, strap style, material and more. The service will be available for the Shine 2, Ray, Phase and Vapor (when it releases). There's no additional cost to customize your device, either.

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Once you choose your device, you'll be asked to choose a color, which includes a wide range of fancy options named things like jet, rose tone, silver, midnight and champagne. You'll finish things off by choosing your strap, which includes most of what Misfit currently offers, like silicone, field, paracord and leather.

When all of that is done, Misfit will custom build and ship your device straight to you. The company says there are 600 unique possible combinations right now, but it'll grow to over 1,000 by the end of the year. You can get started making your own, custom Misfit device at Misfit's website.

It's not clear how long Misfit will take to ship your device to you, or how the company could handle a heavy load of people doing this, but we're all for some true personalization in wearables.

Misfit wants you to totally customize your wearable