Everyone is getting into wearable tech - even 90s web portal Lycos

Would you wear a Lycos branded fitness tracker and smart ring?
90s web portal Lycos gets into wearables

It seems that if you don't have a wearable tech strategy in 2015, you're falling behind. That's something Lycos, the search engine and portal you may have used in the 90s, knows plenty about, having been pretty much forgotten since the rise of Google.

So Lycos has left the tech world pretty flabbergasted after teasing two wearable devices - the Lycos Life Band and the Life Ring. Available to buy on 8 June, the wearables have a number of features listed on the Lycos site - some more obvious than others.

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The $124.99 Life Band is an "advanced fitness monitor" with heart rate tracking and sleep tracking as well as being a "personal security manager" - like the Ring it uses NFC to unlock your phone when in range.

It's adjustable, water resistant, has a 10-14 day battery life and also has 'Tap2Transfer' capabilities, whatever that means - Lycos refers to messages but perhaps there is a mobile payments element too. We weren't sure if that was a display in the single image of the Life Band but as the feature list includes a digital clock, we guess it is.

The $59.99 Ring has the same NFC security feature as well as 'Tap2Transfer' to share contact information and messages. Both wearables will come in six colours and Lycos adds that we will have more details on features very soon.

Lycos saves the day

Why is the range named Lycos Life? Because the internet company has one more trick up its sleeve - it will use 5% of the sales of the Life Band and Life Ring to fund the Lycos Life Project, a not-for-profit.

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It uses sensors and wireless tech to give people around the world "critical environmental information" by distributing free, portable, connected sensors to detect water quality, for example, and air quality in their homes and towns.

It's a noble goal - we just hope the fitness tracking bracelet and smart ring really surprise us in terms of how useful they are. On first impressions, Lycos' wearable tech debut seems overpriced and underdesigned.

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  • kirbybowling says:

    Lycos Life Band is horrible. The display is impossible to read in sunlight, when the Band get wet or sweaty the display goes into heart rate mode and drains the battery (even if taken off it mysteriously reads a HR). The app continuously disconnects the Band so daily data is near impossible to upload to the app and the sleep data, if you can get it to load, is so cryptic that it is meaningless. Zero out of ten ratings.

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