​Lenovo SmartBand SW-B100 official and plays nice with Windows

New band can unlock your PC without a password and track your fitness – obviously

Windows users haven’t had much wearable joy on any releases until now, but the Lenovo SmartBand may be about to change all that.

Lenovo’s one of the few giants left to unveil a wearable device, yet with the market fast becoming saturated, its SmartBand has a few hidden tricks up its sleeve.

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As we revealed earlier this month, the SmartBand is compatible with Windows Phone devices, which will be music to the ears of the forgotten 2.5%. However, the SmartBand will also have the power to unlock Windows PCs without the user having to manually enter a password.

Aside from the Windows love in, the Lenovo SmartBand has all the usual fitness tracking gubbins, and is available in both black and orange. The design certainly isn’t breaking any ground, with some commentators comparing it immediately to the Fitbit Flex.

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However, we don’t believe it’s as iterative as some other late entrants to the market – there’s a nice “carbon fibre-style” texture detail on the outside of the band and we quite like the orange detail.

There’s still no word on release date or pricing as yet, but we're on the case for more information.

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