​iHealth Wave swim tracker is a surprisingly powerful pool pal

IFA 2015: Swim detection and performance tracking for swimmers

iHealth has launched Wave, a swimming tracker that aims to help improve performance in the pool.

The wrist-based device is designed to work in and out of the pool, and will count daily steps, activity and active time.

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However, it's in the pool that Wave really comes into its own. It's capable of recording stroke type, number of strokes and calories burned, and displays the information in iHealth's MyVitals 3.0 app, before offering a full report on your session.

It's a very complete set of swimming metrics, which actually puts it in a small niche of devices, which includes the Misfit Speedo Shine which was released last month and the Garmin Swim.

iHealth is also releasing a connected blood pressure monitor, which records information in the MyVitals 3.0 app. It's designed to work with or without a smartphone.

The iHealth Wave is due to be released "before the end of the year" for €79.95 and the blood pressure monitor for €39.95.

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  • carlo·

    I'd like to buy iHealth wave but I already have an iHealth AM3 and I have connection problems with the bluetooth, when I have to synchronize AM3 iHealth with App Android I have the ability to activate the bluetooth on smartphone but AM3 often does not connect automatically .... is so even with iHealth wave or results to be always connected?
    How can I solve the problem of AM3?
    AM3 and ihealth wave have the same kind of bluetooth connection?

  • carlos2919·

    I want to ask, I have a pool 8 metres long. Do the ihealth wave count well?