InvenSense 6-axis sensor could take impact sports monitoring to the next level

The world's first 6-axis inertial sensor goes live
High-impact sports get better sensor tech

InvenSense, has developed a motion sensor chip specifically designed to more accurately track data during high-impact sports.

The company claims that its new system on chip (SoC) technology, with a 6-axis integrated sensor, provides twice the accelerometer and gyroscope tracking capability to what is currently available, in order to better monitor activities related to certain types of sports like basketball, football, and running.

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"High-impact sports can saturate the gyroscope and accelerometer at the point of contact or during very high rotation rate," said InvenSense's vice president of marketing and product management, Eitan Edina. "InvenSens's new solution helps to mitigate this common issue and can benefit a wide variety of applications, including concussion analysis."

Recently, the National Football League announced it would outfit each of its players with real-time motion tracking sensors. InvenSense's SoC is the exact type of sensor that would provide useful data for sports organisations like the NFL. However, it wouldn't only be good for football.

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Sports-based wearables like the LifeBeam cycling helmet and the Misfit Speedo Shine, as well as a number of Golf-related sensors, could benefit from the type of ultra-sensitive tracking that this new technology can provide.

The ICM-20601 SoC features programmable gyroscope and accelerometer sensors so brands can pick the range of motion they wish to provide in their devices. The company claims that the chip is available in mass quantities starting now, so it is likely we will see more advanced motion tracking technology in the future.

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