Glassy One Pro smartwatch surfs in for gnarly wave tracking

£189 surf smartwatch now available to pre-order
Glassy One surfs in

Fitness trackers aren't all about counting steps, calories and zs and the Glassy One Pro is proof of that particular pudding. It's not interested in walks - it's interested in waves.

Born out of the minds of the Spanish company behind the popular Glassy Pro app (which has just had a major iOS and Android update, by the way), the Glassy One Pro is a more practical surfing solution than taking your smartwatch out to the surf.

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Coming in three colours (black, green and blue), the sporty looking smartwatch offers surfers a range of tracking features including the weather conditions of the surf session, its duration, the number of waves hit, the top speed achieved and the time spent riding individual waves.

Of course, there are the usual social sharing aspects, and the Pro watch also makes it easier to find your next wave as it taps into a database of almost 6,000 surf locations around the world. Users can even add and edit the location details to keep the community up to date.

There's no detailed spec sheet available at the moment, so it's pretty murky with regards to the hardware and software we're looking at with the Glassy One Pro. We've contacted the company for more information and we'll update this story as soon as we hear back.

But you can pre-order the watch now for £189 - but it's not set to ship until summer 2015 we're told.

In the meantime, take a look at our feature on great wearables for football, golf, tennis and other sports. After all, not everyone is excited by the idea of walking 10,000 steps, or running 5km in under 25 minutes.

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