GeeksMe activity band adds sex tracking to the mix

Spanish company's wearable also measures your ecological impact
GeeksMe adds sex tracking to the mix

The activity tracking market is getting incredibly overcrowded, with manufacturers continuously having to think up new features to expand on the traditional step, calorie and sleep counting mix.

Lumo's got its posture reading, Fitbit has its PurePulse heart rate sensor and Razer has a bunch of social perks.

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But Spanish startup Geeksphone possibly has the most unique of all the additional functions for its GeeksMe wearable…sex performance monitoring.

Yep, that's right. The company who brought us the NSA-paranoia-powered Blackphone is ready to record your pumps, thrusts and other sexy manoeuvres with its debut wearable.

Once you set it in sex-mode the GeeksMe will "help users to have a healthier lifestyle, monitoring different values and statistics when practicing sex". That's according to the director of the project, Ángel Sánchez Díaz, who was speaking with TechCrunch.

The device will also offer stats on a wearer's ecological footprint, measuring things like travel and water and food consumed, to create a measurement of the impact a user's actions have on Mother Earth.

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If it all sounds a bit gimmicky, that's because it is. After all, you can effectively already get sex stats such as calories burned and heart rate stats from activity bands already on the market – it's just not marked as a specific activity.

The GeeksMe wearable is due out this summer. Its makers claim it will undercut the price of "the top 10 brands in the market".

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