From the lab to your labrador: Garmin has made an activity tracker for dogs

‘I’m not fat, just a little husky’
Garmin's new tracker is for your dog

Garmin has announced an activity tracker for dogs, designed to keep your canine companion "safe, healthy, and well behaved". It was only a matter of time.

The Delta Smart is a small tracker that attaches to a dog collar and communicates with your smartphone (iOS and Android), letting you not only track your dog's activity but also use it as a training device.

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You'll be able to monitor the dog's activity to see how active it's been throughout the day, and even how much barking it's done.

But Garmin says the heart of the product is the training system which lets you use tones, vibrations and "stimulation" (which is basically a small electric shock) to condition your dog's behaviour. You'll be able to look at the data over time to see which of the stimuli is most effective in correcting your pup's barking habits.

Garmin already has some dog training collars available in the Delta range, but the Smart adds focus to activity and health.

Garmin's also releasing some Keep Away Tags, which are small sensors that will stop your dog from heading into places you don't want it - like the trash can - by emitting a stimulus deterrent.

They'll also show you what your dog has been up to while you were at work - whether it's been hitting a few kms on the treadmill, or just catching up on Narcos, that sort of thing.

There's a three-week battery and a 1ATM (10m) waterproof rating on the module, so you shouldn't have to worry about the device itself. The Delta is available now with an RRP of $149.99, while the tags are sold for $49.99 a piece. We're chasing up on UK prices and to check it will actually make its way across the pond - we'll update when we know more.

And now, a gallery of dogs wearing said tracker, because that's what you really came for.


  • Cadi says:

    I am absolutely appalled that you are selling this product. Shock collars are banned in many countries for a reason - they are cruel, aversive and they don't work. Positive training works so much better and creates a much better bond with your dog. Please do some research into modern dog training and pull this product before too much harm is done to dogs. Until it's pulled I and a LOT of people I have spoken to today will be boycotting your products.

  • Cloo says:

    Before buying this product please go and visit a qualified dog trainer who will be more than able to help you train your dog and show them boundaries. No one should ever have to resort to giving their dog an electric shock, let alone having a smart phone app doing that for you.

  • Cloo says:

    Oh yes and don't buy this if you live in Wales or you will get a fine up to £20,000 and 6 months in prison.

  • dizee says:

    The Animal weldfare act of 2006 is based around the 5 freedoms:

    •  Freedom from hunger or thirst
    • Freedom from discomfor
    • Freedom from pain, injury or disease
    • Freedom to express (most) normal behaviour
    • Freedom from fear and distress

    This product breaches 2 and 5 of the 5 freedoms, and so is in effect illegal to use such a device on any animal in the UK. It would most certainly land you in prison, and no doubt vilified by the media if you used it on your child!

    In 2013 DEFRA published a detailed study on the effects of using electric shock collars in training. The conclusion was that there was behavioural evidence that the use of collars impacted on the welfare of dogs.

  • Coolvawn says:

    That is not an 'Activity Tracker', it is a shock collar. It can do the dog irreparable psychological damage. I am appalled that Garmin would sell this sort of thing under the guise of showing you care for your dog. Whatever has possessed you Garmin??!

  • LastTimeIBuy says:

    What a horrendous product. I am really disappointed that Garmin thinks it is OK to remotely send shocks to a sentient animal. And the potential for abuse is huge. When I come to upgrade my Forerunner and satnav, I'll be buying elsewhere.

  • ThePhotoGal says:

    I am excited about the new training system. Not all dogs are easy to control and you may need to take it to the next level. My dogs are my babies and I would do nothing to harm them. If this device  keeps my dog from harms way, I am all for it. It is the individuals choice if they want to use the stimulation or not. You can train with tone or vibration. I live on a busy street and I like having the option of stimulation training because I have a dog that has a mind of his own, very stubborn, and he doesn't stop when you tell him to.  So rather than him getting ran over by a motor vehicle, which will be more uncomfortable than a little stimulation, I am willing to try it, but not without me trying it on myself before I even attempt to try it on my pets. Be smart! Don't judge others until you know the facts. 

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