Adidas pimps out miCoach platform for third party love

Dev platform opens up the German giant's tracking system
Adidas miCoach opens for 3rd parties

Good news Adidas miCoach users - the German sports giant is opening up the fitness tracking platform to developers, paving the way for third party app support. has gone live and, although we've not heard anything official from Adidas as of yet - it appears that, as Nike did with its Fuelband platform - developers will be able to take advantage of a miCoach API in order to offer up alternative apps to the existing miCoach ones users are currently locked into.

Adidas action: miCoach Fit Smart review

"The miCoach API for building consumer applications," reads a statement on the new developer platform website. "Consumer owned resources provide information on how a miCoach consumer manages own training plan, synchronise their workout data, manage their profile, view workout history, challenges, achievements, events and much more."

The miCoach range includes the GPS Smart Run watch, the Speed Cell and the brand new Fit Smart 'work intensity coach'. Wareable has recently got hold of the latter and we will bring you a full review next week.

We've reached out to Adidas for more information, we'll update you as soon as we know more.

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