​Fitbit Surge gets improved battery life and new features

Longer battery life and running updates inbound
​Fitbit Surge gets new features
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Fitbit has added a host of new features to its Fitbit Surge running and sports watch.

Users will now be treated to Run Cues, mid-workout summaries to let you know if you're on the pace or slacking off, as well as intermittent updates on distance and time.

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The company also says the latest update will improve the battery life during GPS tracked walks, runs or cycles. However, there's precious little information from Fitbit on how much longer they can expect the Surge to last – so we'll be taking ours out on the trail to find out for ourselves.

For fans of HIIT there's also good news from the update. Fitbit has added a stopwatch and timer to the watch so you can start creating your own interval sessions or bleep tests.

It's not the most revolutionary update of all time, but fans of the Surge will be pleased to still see the fitness superwatch getting some love. Earlier this year Fitbit added a bike mode to its line-up of sports, which are tracked using GPS and combined with smartwatch-style notifications with a paired smartphone.

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