Does your Fitbit heart rate data look odd? Maybe you're pregnant

A Redditor found out his wife was pregnant after worrying her Fitbit was broken
Odd heart rate data? Maybe you're pregnant

A couple just found out they are having a baby after a man took to Reddit to ask why his wife's heart rate readings from her Fitbit tracker were so high.

What a world we live in. We don't know which tracker that YoungPTone's wife was using, probably a Fitbit Charge HR, but we do know that her 10 hours in the fat burning zone without burning many calories looked "impossible" to the couple, considering her activity levels.

He posted: "I'm not sure if something is wrong with the sensor. Is there a way to reset or recalibrate the device? I'd like to try that before I contact customer service about a possible replacement."

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Then after some helpful advice around inconsistent heart rate monitoring since the last firmware update, user Thatwasunpleasant jumped in with an idea: "Has she experienced anything really stressful in the last few days or is it a possibility she is pregnant?"

And yes, yes she is pregnant. A day later, YoungPTone confirmed: "I'm going to be a dad!" Even more adorable was the edit to the original question that followed: "This is real, the fear is real, the excitement is very real! I am a regular guy who was just looking for the communities help with his wife's technology issue (we've all been there, right?).

Little did I know I got a lot more than I bargained for! Now I'm a regular guy who is preparing to have his first child brought into the world, god willing, in Oct 2016."

Fitbit axed a pregnancy mode

It turns out that Fitbit used to have a pregnancy mode. Fitbit's forum threads on its (now defunct) pregnancy mode actually make for rather hilarious reading. Basically, the feature allowed female Fitbit users to confirm whether or not they were pregnant and what trimester. But it had no impact on calorie or step goals and so Fitbit turned it off.

It seems a bunch of users, as recent as February 2016, are still trying to find it in the settings suggesting that Fitbit should look into providing new algorithms for pregnant users. One commenter hottamolly88 asked: "Does it give me more calories? Does it leave me the eff alone if I can't get in all my steps?"

We give fitness trackers and health tracking devices a lot of information about our body so it's no wonder wearables could be used to predict if a woman is pregnant. Fitness tracker data can now be used either against you or even as proof of injury or an alibi in court cases.

Last year Wired ran a story titled 'The Fitbit Breakup' in which a woman realised her ex was dating someone ten pounds lighter than her when connected scales readings started appearing on her app. Awkward.

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  • PattyM says:

    That's soooo cool! Now I'm thinking of getting a Fitbit, too, since we have been trying to get pregnant. It's not going to help with the 'getting pregnant' part but it would be great if it can tell me if it's time to take those free ttckit home tests. I am such an overzealous PT taker that I take them even before it's time and maybe this will curb that. 

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