Fitbit's new-look app: Here's what's new

The revamped companion app is set to improve your tracking experience
Fitbit new app: What's new
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Fitbit has finally started rolling out its new-look companion smartphone app, which aims to make it easier to check out your fitness tracker and smartwatch data.

Unveiled in March, alongside the Fitbit Versa Lite Edition, Fitbit Inspire, Inspire HR and Fitbit Ace 2, the wearable heavyweight is revamping its app by streamlining the user interface and bringing new insights and tips to keep you on top of your goals.

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Fitbit has told us the rollout is happening over the next few weeks. So some of you might already have it and others might just need to hold tight until it lands. We've managed to get a look at the new app surroundings to see what's new.

How to update to the new Fitbit app

Fitbit's new-look app: Here's what's new

We do have a dedicated feature on how to update your Fitbit, so if you need a full run down, we suggest giving that a read.

What you need to know about the latest Fitbit app update is that you need to be running version 2.92 of the app on your phone to access the new features. If you need to check what version you have, do the following:

1. Head to the app store where you first downloaded the app (Google Play Store for Android or Apple App Store for iPhone)
2. Search for 'Fitbit'. Once the official app is located you'll know if an update is available if you see the option to Update.
3. Tap that and the update will start installing for you.

Once you're all updated, you should be good to go. We should mention that once you choose to switch to the new app, you won't be able to get back to the previous version.

New dashboard

Fitbit's new-look app is ready to dish out fitness tips made just for you

Fitbit's old dashboard (left) and new dashboard (right)

Fitbit has decided to scale back the tabs that sit at the bottom of the Fitbit app. Now, there's just three, as opposed to the current five.

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You won't be losing any of those key features, like Challenges, or access to the Community feeds, they'll simply live in different places or become more prevalent in the Focus part of the app (more on that below). Instead, there will be a Discover tab, where you can find more health and wellness data, as well as a greater emphasis on helping users finding others with similar health and fitness goals.

You do still have the ability to customise and rearrange the data and tiles you can see from the dashboard. If you want a quick glance at your progress away from your Fitbit tracker or smartwatch, this is still the place to go.

If you're looking for your account settings, look for the icon in the top left hand corner of the app, while notifications/messages is over on the other side where the envelope icon lives.


Fitbit Focus

Fitbit's new-look app is ready to dish out fitness tips just for you

(New Fitbit app on iOS)

Your data on the main dashboard will now be pushed further down the screen to make room for a feature called Fitbit Focus. This sits above your logged data and offers insights, messages, tips and even recommended workouts, which is based upon your data and stats. It's a bit like the Sleep Insights feature, which is already part of the Fitbit ecosystem.

So for example, we were prompted to consider doing a meditation session. You can give thumbs up or a thumbs down on the feedback to indicate if it's actually been useful. Those Focus messages will disappear once you hit that 'x' in the corner. So if you'd rather take Fitbit up on its advice later in the day, don't hit that 'x'.

Getting fit with others and finding something new

Fitbit's new-look app is ready to dish out fitness tips made just for you

If you love seeking a bit of motivation from other Fitbit users, you still do have that dedicated Community tab, which will continue to give you a feed of posts from other users and suggest groups you might like to join. It retains the Feed, Friends and Groups tabs up top, they're just presented a little differently now.

A new tab is Discover, which is essentially all about finding new things to add to your daily routine. So that could be health and wellness stats you don't currently have pinned to your dashboard, setting up virtual competitions against Fitbit-owning friends and family and following video workouts through Fitbit Coach.

Got any questions about the new Fitbit app update? Let us know in the comments section below.


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  • txpatlyn·

    I am not happy with the new app. I did NOT switch by choice and now I can’t get back to the previous dashboard. I’m very disappointed that the system switched me over. I’m not impressed at all. I honestly have no recourse? Very unhappy customer