Field of view: The week in virtual reality - HTC Vive 2 in the works & more

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Field of view: The week in VR

Field of view is our Friday round-up of all the best news, features, rumours and recommendations in virtual reality. Welcome, welcome.

The biggest VR news on the site this week: Fove opened pre-orders for its new eye-tracking headset, Fove 0, and we went eyes on. We also talked proving Oculus wrong with the Fove team, found out why Google Jump switched from GoPro to Yi Technology and explored whether VR horror can be too horrifying with games developers and psychology experts.

We also made the case for why the HTC Vive and Valve's The Lab picked up VR Headset of the Year and VR Experience of the Year at the first Wareable Tech Awards.

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OK all we have to go on is ONE tweet from developer/HTC leaker @LlabTooFer (who has 20K followers for a reason) and a few hints from a HTC SVP but it's good enough to get our cogs whirling.

First, the tweet, below, says that HTC is working on the Vive 2 and its codename is Oasis. Might be a Ready Player One reference, might not.

It's described as "refreshed" so this may be well, a refresh rather than a new wireless/standalone VR headset which Quark VR has previously teased may be on the cards.

Now, the comments. Rikard Steiber, SVP of VR at HTC, told TechCrunch that we will see new HTC Vive form factors. Both "design" and "performance" will be enhanced on the headset itself and not just peripherals for VR arcade plans in Asia. As with the refresh angle in the tweet, he said "it's going to evolve."

We could see something at CES 2017 and if not perhaps MWC or E3 2017 will be more forthcoming. Oh and FYI, the main image is the original Vive, obvs.

What we do know is coming are new Oculus Touch-beating Vive controllers (which are strapped so you can completely let go of and have 21 sensors each) and fresh position-tracking modules too, thanks to Steam Dev Days.

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Promising PSVR sales

GameStop in the US is selling more PlayStation VR headsets than expected, and has ordered more.

"PS VR is off to a great start at GameStop, having already exceeded our early expectations," said senior VP merchandising Bob Puzon. "Due to the popularity of the system with our customers, we have received additional units for holiday." Nice. When will it cross 1m?

Starbreeze just bought a visual effects studio

Specifically Belgian studio Nozon for $7.75 million. Why? For its tech which helps to render computer animated 3D worlds in high quality, according to Starbreeze CEO Bo Andersson. We look forward to seeing the results at IMAX VR centres later this year.

Joy VR is pure Japan

It's a space themed VR headset from Takara-Tomy that is designed to be used with a space VR app including 88 constellations. It comes with a handheld controller but it's also $200. Just enjoy the ad.

Doctor Strange's VR tour

As a Doctor Strange promo, fans in London, New York and Hong Kong have been able to walk around Tilt Brush-painted 3D scenes using HTC Vives. The experience comes from Denizen and Real D who cleverly got artists to recreate 'worlds' reminiscent of the Marvel movie.

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Field of view: The week in virtual reality

If you live in London, you're in for a treat and it's more Vive/Tilt Brush action. The Royal Academy has teamed up with HTC for a three day, pop-up exhibition of artworks created in VR.

Two RA Schools graduates and one student have used the Vive headset and apps like beginner-friendly Tilt Brush and Kodon to create art which is then 3D printed. You'll also be able to play back the creative process in virtual reality. Pop your email down here to be notified of tickets.

Watch this: Black Mirror, S3

Specifically Playtest and San Junipero. We don't want to give too much away for either but - spoiler alert - both explore the future of virtual and augmented realities in very different scenarios. Get to Netflix now and binge the whole six episode season. Before it becomes irrelevant to talk about it.

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