What I'm Wearing: Amazfit Cor

These are the devices strapped to the Wareable team's wrists this week
What we're wearing this week
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Our wrists aren't just wrists, they're revolving doors for the latest in wearables. Every week we're trying out the latest or greatest, or just testing out new bands and watch faces that we can recommend to you.

We've pooled them together in our weekly feature What I'm Wearing, which allows us to talk about all kinds of wearable accessories that we usually don't get to discuss. We're always looking for more, to boot.

So if you think there's an accessory, watch face or wearable that we should check out then drop us a line at editors@wareable.com. You never know, it could show up in a future edition of What I'm Wearing.

Husain is wearing the Amazfit Cor

What I'm Wearing: The accessories and watch faces on our wrists right now

What I'm Wearing: The accessories and watch faces on our wrists right now

I was surprised back when I reviewed the Amazfit Bip. It's a light device that never made me worry about battery life and came with a fresh smartwatch operating system. It was an enjoyable review to do, so I was looking forward to checking out the latest Amazfit device, the Cor fitness tracker.

This one doesn't have anything as eye-popping as 45 days of battery life, but it is an affordable fitness tracker. I've been wearing it for a couple of days now and I have to say I'm kind of digging it. It's not the most outwardly attractive fitness tracker in the world, but it reminds me of a couple of trackers I do enjoy quite a bit, like the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro and Fitbit Charge 2.

It's light on my wrist, which is appreciated, and the interface is easy to navigate. Though I've noticed a few niggles when tapping the home button just below the display. I haven't yet pushed the device much, so I'm looking forward to doing that. Keep an eye out for the full review soon.


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