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The Wareable Tech Awards in association with Currys PC World take place on Thursday 27 October and they're gonna be huge.

We're honouring the best wearables, connected self devices, collections, platforms, projects and startups of 2016.

You can take a look at the full shortlists here, across 11 categories.

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  • Isabique·


  • stk·

    I like it!

  • bryfab·

    so cool

  • krishnakh·

    Based on my reading about new technology (wearables) I guess the most promising one is the Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition

  • reputationst·

    I am totally pleased with my decision to purchase and wait for the Bragi Dash.

  • bandit148·

    Wow, can't believe they sent me here.  Bragi sent me the link to vote for their "The Dash".  I received the Dash, it did not work as promised; basically I got two well-fitting earbuds that did nothing but flash a little LED.  The software crashed every time it tried to update, after watching every video on their site, every touch command, connect to device, whatever didn't work....nothing.  Repeated attempts to reach customer service were ignored, a dispute through paypal to refuse payment was the only way to get a response which finally resulted in a refund if I shipped the item back at MY expense.

    This is a tech product that would be cool if it did what it said it did.....it does not.  If there were a category for worst customer service and biggest hoax product I would gladly nominate Bragi's "the Dash".  The Dash is what you should be doing away from this piece of crap...

  • SCormacCarlin·

    The Dash is terrific. It keeps gaining more and better functionality with every software update. And the sound has been very good from the start, but is now amazingly good. 

  • Rick6834·

    Best decision I have made when it comes to technology. They keep making it better.

  • becq·

    I have had the Bragi Dash since March of 2016 and I love them. The latest firmware update solved my only issue which was with the phone/microphone quality of sound. I love the transparency that allows me to switch back and forth from the headphones to the outside world - amazing! Best quality sound I have found so far for wireless and the connection with my phone is solid. All in all the best!

  • Un4given·

    Bragi Dash; best there is, and can only get better. All others should be afraid and , or inspired. Have had zero negative experiences with the product, and zero issues when contacting customer service with any questions.

  • sskk555·

    BRAGI DASH is great!

    Works perfectly. Fits comfortably. Lasts long.

  • sskk555·

    BRAGI DASH is great!

    Sounds well! Fits perfect! Lasts long! Touches smoothly! Works super!

  • NHenky·

    läuft alles prima, guter Klang und Verbindung. Tolle Idee und ich hoffe da kommen noch mehr Ideen

  • kikiloule·

    BRAGI is the best !!

  • smartau·

    Bragi the Dash I'm using everyday. It is the most comfortable Bluetooth earbud what I used before. Great.

  • tzar·

           The Dash is the symbol of living in the future!

  • JAJ·

    Loving the Altrius by Vinaya. Beautiful as well as smart.