The week in wearable tech

Catch up with every essential story from the past week
The week in wearable tech

Wearable tech is moving at a mile a minute at the moment, which is why you're lucky you have us to keep you in the loop. From's smartband to the latest Fitbit, here's every big story from the week in one read. smartwatch breaks cover

After showing it off back in April,’s been uncharacteristically quiet about the smartband he’s been developing. This week the covers came off the Puls, and it’s the blend of outrageous and weird we thought it would be. It can call and text without a smartphone and will wireless charge via the sleeve of a special coat.

It faces pretty stiff competition though - here's the best smartwatches you can buy now.

New Fitbit Charge

After royally messing up the Fitbit Force earlier this year it seems the company is readying two new wearables for the Christmas rush. The Fitbit Charge leaked from the FCC, complete with pictures, features and specs, although we’re still not sure on the release date.

If you're a Fitbit user, check out our Flex tips and tricks.

The Apprentice does wearables

The Apprentice has started again in the UK, being its own heady mix of outrageous egos and unrivalled stupidity. Hilariously, this week’s task was to create wearable tech and sell to some major UK buyers.

SPOILER: It did not go well.

Android Wear 2.0 didn’t drop

Earlier in the week we carried a story that Google was planning to reveal Android Wear 2.0 with it’s new Nexus 6 phone and Nexus 9 tablet. It didn’t happen, which means we’re still on tenterhooks.

However, read our review of Android Wear for a complete tear down of what’s good and bad.

The world goes VR crazy

If there’s one thing that has surfaced this week it’s VR headsets. First came the Carl Zeiss VR One, which makes total sense given that when you’re using a smartphone as the screen, all you need is a pair of lenses and a kit – which Carl knows a thing or two about. Then came the Archos VR Glasses. It’s fair to say that Archos has less experience when it comes to quality optics, but it can do low prices, which is why the Archos VR costs just £25.

Don't forget to check out our round-up of the best VR headsets.

Crowdfund this

When a startup claims that sitting down is “the smoking of our generation” it makes you sit up straight and listen, which is exactly what the Darma Smart Cushion is designed to do. It has smashed its Kickstarter funding, and we urge all slouchers to get in on the act while there’s still time.


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