The week in wearable tech

The top stories from the last seven days
The week in wearable tech

It's been a crazy busy week in the ever changing world of wearables this week. We've seen news from all the major players including Microsoft, Apple, Sony, Fitbit and even Nike and, if the rumour mill rings true, some pretty high-profile new devices are coming our way soon.

Here's the big happenings from the past seven days...

Microsoft spots an opportunity

Not only is Microsoft knocking out Android Wear apps at a rate of knots now (well, two in the last month), it's also looking to get in on the wearable game properly with its own smartwatch. If reports are true, we've only got a few weeks to wait until a fully fledged Microsoft smartwatch arrives.

It faces some competition though, check out our guide to the best smartwatches to see what it'd be up against.

Fitbit to Surge ahead

Last week, details of two new Fitbit fitness bands hit the web – the Fitbit Charge and the Fitbit Charge HR – and it seems like Fitbit's marketing department is more leaky than a wet weekend in Wales, as this week we learned of the smartwatch-esque Fitbit Surge.

If you're a Fitbit fan, you really should check out our top tips for the Flex.

Apple and Nike, sitting in a tree

Some very exciting wearable news came out of Nike this week, with CEO Mark Parker revealing that the sports giant will be jumping back into the world of wearable tech with a partnership with Apple. That's great news because we feared that the Fuelband platform may well be on its way out.

The Apple Watch should come first though, check out our all-you-need-to-know Apple Watch feature.

Android updates smartwatch Wear skills

The first meaningful Android Wear update landed this week and release date details for both the Sony SmartWatch 3 and the LG G Watch R followed.

Read our comprehensive guide to Android Wear for all the details on the new features the update brings.

Crowdfund this

For our weekly peak at the world of wearable crowdfunding this week, we focused on Xmetrics, the self-proclaimed "first activity tracker for swimmers".

Take a look, and let us know what you think. There's also updated info on all the other campaigns we've been following as well.


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