The week in wearable tech

The biggest news and best reads you might have missed
The week in wearable tech

The world of wearables shows no signs of slowing down as the huge moves in the tech industry this week prove.

Here are all the biggest stories in one place - simply read on to stay fully abreast of all the latest developments.

Samsung changes Gear...again

It would be impossible to kick off this week's recap without mentioning the biggest smartwatch launch of the week. That's right, we're talking about the Samsung Gear S - a standalone device that doesn't rely on a phone for connectivity as it packs its own SIM card slot for 2G/3G capabilities – although you will need a separate data plan for this.

And while we're excited about the latest Samsung wearable, it did make us wonder whether the Korean company might be suffocating the market a wee bit.

LG circles Samsung with all-new form factor

Erm…a small confession. The Gear S was only the biggest smartwatch launch for about three hours. That's how long LG took to respond to Samsung's gauntlet laying by offering up the official details of the slick-circular, Android Wear-toting, LG G Watch R; which had been teased earlier in the week.

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The G Watch R looks gorgeous and probably steals the title of 'best looking smartwatch'. Or maybe that honour belongs to the Withings Activité. We spoke to the French company's CEO Cédric Hutchings all about its swanky new timepiece, and learned of his vision for the wearable tech future.

Asus and Apple didn't want to miss out

In what was a hectic week for smartwatch launch news, both Apple and Asus got in on the action with teasers of their own; the former by sending out invites to a 9 September event where the iWatch is expected to be announced, and the latter by offering up sketches of the Android Wear device it's going to unveil at IFA next week.

And there will be plenty more smartwatch action to come before the year is out – Misfit CEO Sonny Vu told us that his company will be powering at least six more before 2014's fat lady sings.

GoPro goes walkies

Bored of smartwatch news? How about a GoPro on a pug. Or is that a French bulldog? Who knows and quite frankly who cares? The important thing to know is that the GoPro dog mount was our favourite new wearable this week.

In less cute headgear news, we also took Google Cardboard for a spin…sort of. Read our hands-on to find out exactly what we mean.

Concept of the week

Each week on Wareable we'll be bringing you the very best wearable tech devices looking for funding on crowdfunding sites.

This week our head was turned by RunScribe, which clips onto your trainers to deliver a host of data about your runs.

If you're looking to get into the fitness tracking game now though, your best bet is to grab either a Fitbit Flex or a Jawbone UP24.

Until next week...goodbye.


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