The best smart devices connected to IFTTT

Smart home gadgets that work with If This Then That recipes
The best smart IFTTT devices
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If you've yet to come across IFTTT (If This Then That), you're missing out — the Web and mobile apps that make up IFTTT let you connect together all kinds of apps and services for free.


You can send your Facebook photos to Dropbox, turn up your house lights in bad weather, save your fitness tracker logs to a spreadsheet, and much, much more besides.

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Check out some of the example IFTTT recipes online to get an idea of what we're talking about: each recipe includes a trigger and a resulting action (like turning your Nest thermostat on when your phone arrives in a certain location).

As well as working with a host of online services, IFTTT connects to some real-world physical gadgets — read on to discover some of the best bits of IFTTT compatible devices you can hook up to.

Philips Hue

King of the smart lighting systems, Philips Hue light bulbs can alter the brightness and colour in your room. There's pretty extensive control support available here from the Apple Watch to tinkering from your desktop PC.

With IFTTT recipe support, it also means you can set up the Hues to do things like flash when there's an update in a sports game or even turn the lights blue when it starts to rain.

$179.99 for starter kit, | Amazon

Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat is the third generation of the smart heating system, now better equipped for helping you save energy. Once you've made it through the professional 20-minute installation and the sensor is in place, the next best thing is to get to know how it plays nice with IFTTT.

There's a whole collection of Nest-friendly recipes you can set up, such as altering the temperature when you enter a specific area. It'll even work with other IFTTT-friendly devices including Philips Hue smart lightbulbs, as well as Amazon's Alexa.


IFTTT support also extends to the Nest Protect alarm and rival thermostats from Tado and Honeywell do also get some recipe love too in case you were interested.

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$249 (with installation), | Amazon

Samsung SmartThings

Samsung SmartThings is very much the jack-of-all-trades setup of the smart home world and, as such, there's a wealth of recipes that you can cook up in IFTTT for it.

Because the SmartThings setup is essentially a plethora of different sensors it makes it the perfect IFTTT middle man, allowing you to make your other, more prominent, smart devices perform exactly as you want them too.

From $199, | Amazon

Amazon Echo and Dot

Amazon's digital assistant speaker is joined by its smaller sibling, the Echo Dot, both of which become even more useful with IFTT.

A quick browse of the Echo and Alexa recipes shows how it can help you take notes hands-free with services like Evernote, get it to set your Nest temperature, and even create spreadsheets of all the music you've been listening to. There are also lots of recipes around creating shopping lists, which are super handy.

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$179.99, Amazon

Google Home

Google's Echo rival, Google Home, will also be serving up some IFTT love come launch on 4 November. We expect there will be a large list of recipes available for Home quite quickly, with the assistant set to connect Google's ecosystem to a range of devices. Google Assistant is particularly impressive, creating more natural two-way dialogue with users.


Jawbone UP3

Jawbone's flagship smart fitness tracker offers advanced sleep tracking and bioimpedance sensors to measure your resting heart rate, as well as the usual mix of step and activity monitoring of previous bands.


With IFTTT you can log meals when you check in at restaurants, automatically schedule a workout when you know you're heading to the gym, or keep a list of the days when you hit your targets. You can see plenty more here.

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$179.99, | Amazon


LittleBits is the do-it-yourself smart home solution, a bunch of different components that you can use to create your own customised networks and add a new level of intelligence to older devices. Control lights with a tap on your phone, for example, or set up a pet feeder on a timer.

By adding IFTTT's full range of connected apps and services you can bring in all kinds of extra online and smartphone functions to your DIY smart home projects.

From $99.99, | Amazon

Fitbit Blaze

The Blaze is Fitbit's most feature-packed fitness tracker offering a variety of sensors and different tracking modes for different types of activity; it can keep an eye on your heart rate, sleeping patterns and more.

If you're using the Fitbit app you can pipe all of this data back to Google Drive, Dropbox, your email, Twitter, Evernote and plenty of other places, and get customised alerts on your phone.

$199.95, | Amazon

WeMo Motion

The Motion sensor is just one part of Belkin's WeMo range for adding extra smarts to your home, and most of the kit works well with IFTTT.

With a WeMo Motion sensor as your IFTTT trigger, you can choose all kinds of actions: get phone alerts when someone gets home, post to Facebook when someone reaches for the cookie jar, turn on the lights as soon as you get home, log all activity in a spreadsheet on Google Drive... there's plenty of potential.

$79.99, | Amazon


Flic is essentially just a button, but you can program it to perform all kinds of smart home tasks, and that's where IFTTT can come in very handy: have it turn on or dim the lights, unlock a smart door, make your phone ring, start or stop a music app, act as a smartphone camera remote control, and more.

The Flic IFTTT page gives you some more ideas of what you can do — push the button to save your current location to a map, for example.

$34, | Amazon


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