And finally: Hints of a circular Apple Watch and more

A look back at some of the other stories from the past seven days
Apple's circular Watch concept
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This week was dominated by Google I/O 2017. We learned that Google was expanding the Daydream platform past its View headset, making standalone VR headsets with partners like HTC and Lenovo. We also got a peek into how Android O is going to improve Android Wear 2.0 and learned that Google Home is going to get better with notifications, hands-free calling and more.

Google wasn't the only game in town though. Bragi finally unveiled the Dash Pro which, along with the original Bragi Dash, will also get some neat translation features powered by iTranslate Pro. And oh, the LTE-enabled LG Watch Sport was canceled on Verizon Wireless.

As always, there were more news nuggets this week. Follow me as we take a quick journey to some of the other stories. And, as always, you can head over to our dedicated news section to read more.

Patent hints at new Apple Watch design

And finally: Hints of Apple's circular Watch concept with an extended display

The US Patent and Trademark Office this week published an Apple patent that seems to hint at a new concept for Apple Watch. The design utilizes flexible display patents that go beyond a circular watch face and into the band. The patent also mentions the ability to connect to cellular networks. However Patently Apple, which discovered the patent, is quick to note that this isn't a design patent, but more of a concept patent.

Apple has been working on concepts for smartwatches with displays that extend past the watch face and onto a smart band for quite a long time, and this is just the latest sign that the company is still thinking about ways to make that possible.

Tapu Tapu gets an early upgrade

Universal Studios' Tapu Tapu wearable is the key to the kingdom at its new Volcano Bay water park. You can head to a ride line, tap the wearable and then head off to do whatever you need. When your turn in line comes up, it'll let you know. It's cool stuff, and Universal is giving it an upgrade just before it goes live next week. You'll also be able to activate interactive experiences around the park, like shoot off water cannons, and access other things, like photo experiences, opening lockers and payments.

Philips Hue gets more lamps

And finally: Hints of Apple's circular Watch concept with an extended display

If you're in the Philips Hue ecosystem, you know that the company just won't stop releasing new smart lights and bulbs, giving you more and more options to litter your house with smart gadgets. This week, the company announced two new light fixtures coming to the US after previously being UK-only, the Philips Hue White Ambiance Being Flushmount ($199.99) and White Ambiance Fair ($249.99), and two new table lamps, the White Ambiance Wellner and Wellness ($99.99 each). All of the new lights ship in mid-June and are available to pre-order now.

Tim Cook testing Watch-connected glucose monitor

And finally: Hints of Apple's circular Watch concept with an extended display

We've been hearing for a while now that Apple is working on a non-invasive, continuous glucose monitor for Apple Watch, potentially in the form of a smart band that can attach to existing Watches. Now, CNBC reports that CEO Tim Cook has been testing a prototype continuous glucose monitor attached to his Apple Watch, which allows him to see in nearly real time how his diet is affecting his blood sugar levels. It's unclear how far along this technology is, but it's a sure sign the company is seriously looking at the potential uses of continuous blood sugar monitoring, and other types of health sensors, for its Watch. Will it make the Apple Watch Series 3? Here's hoping.


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