The new Misfit Bolt smart bulb has the perfect setting for date night

Misfit's bulb blends smart home and wearable tech

“The worst part about sleep is waking up," said Misfit's Justin Butler, as he explained why the company has created the Misfit Bolt – a smart bulb which aims to blend the connected home and wearable tech like never before.

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“It's blaring alarms and it's in your face and you need some time to wake up," he continued before revealing the saviour of slumbers: "Light," he said "is one of the most effective ways of waking up – we have sunrises for a reason."

Smart bulbs are nothing new; the Philips Hue has been at the forefront of the connected home for several years now. Nor is using coloured bulbs to aid sleep, which is something Withings has used on its Aura sleep monitor – to great effect.

The Misfit Bolt blends both devices, offering control over light levels and temperatures, and the ability to use programmes for effective sleeping and waking, and Misfit believes it's not only nailed the features, but the price.

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“Philips Hue starts at $200 for three bulbs – ours is $50. It's a totally compelling price point; it should be more like $100" said Butler.

Bolt is also uniquely designed, with aircraft aluminium twisted like an aircraft turbine, which acts as a heat sync – certainly making it one of the best looking smart bulbs on the market.

However, according to Butler, no company has managed to get it right so far. The VP of Commercial Development explained that when Misfit attempted to find a partner for their planned device, it failed to find a worthy suitor.

“We went to market to find good people to integrate with and there wasn't a good option. You either have to have a zippy Wi-Fi hub or buy 8 bulbs – and these things are expensive, it's just a high barrier for entry, so we said it's an interesting place for us to be," he said.

The Misfit Bolt is a simplification of the idea. It uses a Bluetooth mesh rather than Wi-Fi. Multiple bulbs can be controlled using the same app. The app enables you to select mood scenes for your home, including warm glow, bright day, forest, salt flats and even date night.

You just swipe through them on your phone and the lights shine and dim accordingly, and the last scene enables you to mix the colours to create your own custom mood.

However, while most smart bulbs are controlled by the phone, Misfit is looking to bring its wearable devices into the mix.

“We are finally hooking up wearables into the smart home, so you will be able to control the lights from your Flash," said Sonny Vu, founder of Misfit.

“The idea is to use Misfit Flash as a control device for the lights, so if you're coming home and instead of saying 'I need my phone to turn on my bulbs', you just double tap on your tracker and they turn on," he said.

Misfit Bolt is available for pre-order today on the Misfit website, and will ship worldwide in February for $49.99.


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