Field of view: The HTC Vive successor could be called Eclipse

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Field of view: The week in AR and VR
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Put your headset down and settle in, it's time for Field of view — yes, it's time to catch up on all of the latest VR and AR news. Plus, we'll throw some immersive recommendations that you need to check out this week.

This week we found out more details about Samsung's next generation headset, that'll apparently track movement, put the new Google Daydream View to the test and found out why the NBA is going big on VR and AR.

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And plenty more has been going on in the alternate realm this week, so let's get to it.

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HTC Vive Eclipse trademark surfaces

News surrounding HTC and its apparent wash of upcoming headsets refuses to die down with yet another trademark application hinting that its there's new hardware on the horizon.

Based on information in the filing, the new headset is set to be called the HTC Vive Eclipse — that's different to the HTC Vive Focus, a moniker that was also found through a trademark application last month. The Focus is thought to be HTC's collaborative effort with Google, which will see a standalone effort based on its Daydream software, though it's unclear what Eclipse could represent.

The Taiwanese company announced the HTC Link mobile headset exclusively for China back in July, so there's a chance the Eclipse is the re-branded version making its way overseas. Or, alternatively, this could be the successor to the HTC Vive. It's all up in the air right now, but the fact that these two names are in the process of being trademarked suggests we'll have answers sooner rather than later.

Niantic CEO wants AR smartglasses

Remember the first time you fired up Pokémon Go and caught Pidgey on your desk at work? Well, unsurprisingly, Niantic, the studio behind the AR phenom, is keen to bring the same kind of unadulterated joy through smartglasses.

Company CEO John Hanke discussed the current state of play at Wall Street Journal's D.Live conference this week, saying: "The cell phone is great, but the UI is not perfect. It's not the ideal interface for getting information into our minds — you have to keep glancing down at the screen and then up at the real world. AR has the potential to build interfaces that allow this to happen in a much more natural way."

Hanke also indicated that he believes such technology is still a few years away, so until then you'll have to make do with walking around and catching Pokémon from your phone.

HTC Vive is getting spacious

For a long time, the advantage HTC Vive had over the Oculus Rift was its room tracking. And although the latter fought back with its own solution, SteamVR is now looking to multiply the Vive's maximum room-tracking scale from 132 square feet by 10.

Why the gigantic leap? Well, with the likes of arcades and industry folk looking to tap into VR, Steam has hinted that the new capabilities could be heading to developers to test out at the start of 2018.

Field of view: HTC Vive Eclipse could be the Vive successor

LG UltraGear VR could be high-end competitor

If you thought Oculus and HTC had siphoned off the high-end headset market and were locked in a two-way battle, LG could be on the cusp of breaking down the door. After the Korean company showed off its prototype headset earlier this year, a trademark filing now indicates the device will be called the LG UltraGear.

And while the name probably raised a few eyebrows over at Samsung HQ, the fact this has now been revealed in a filing suggests we could be seeing the device become available in early 2018 — potentially in time for us to get a closer look at CES in January.

Watch this: Wingsuit flying in VR

If a simple skydive isn't enough for you, perhaps its time to try your hand at wingsuit flying. Not familiar with the action? Well, this essentially see you gliding through the skies before pulling the parachute and, like in the video above, tumbling down at the end after taking in the sights and passing through a couple of the targets.

Just, y'know, make sure to arm yourself with 360 cameras and film your own effort in case you never want to jump out of a plane again afterwards.

Play this: Gran Turismo Sport

Yes, Gran TurismoSport is finally on the PS4, but with it also comes an interesting bit of PlayStation VR compatibility. It's by no means a fully fleshed out experience under the headset, but when we tested out a demo earlier this year, it was impressive and added a nice extra layer to what will no doubt prove to be a strong seller for the console. And, of course, as with all driving games, adding to this with a wheel controller certainly helps.


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