And finally: Andy Rubin’s Essential is exploring smartglasses

We explore the tidbits you may have missed this past week
Is Essential exploring smartglasses?
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Well, with another week crossed off in the calendar, it's time to look back and reflect at some of the lighter stories you may have missed.

Sure, we've seen Snap Spectacles make their way to in Europe, big hints towards Apple's smart speaker dropping and Android founder Andy Rubin unveil Essential smart home hub.

But what else has been going on this week that you should know about? Read on to find out.

Rubin's Essential smartglasses interest

And finally: Andy Rubin's Essential is exploring smartglasses

We've already touched upon the waves that Andy Rubin created earlier this week with the drop of the Essential brand, but the company could already be looking to expand on its upcoming smartphone and smart home hub with a pair of smartglasses.

That's if a patent unearthed by Patently Apple is anything to go by, with a pair of lenses in the mould of Snap's Spectacles and Google's Glass detailed. According to the filing, the glasses would have one or more "user facing" cameras built in, while also having one or "environment facing" cameras.

Rubin stated this week that Glass failed not due to the tech, but instead because the world wasn't ready to wear them. And while patents should always be taken with a pinch of salt, this could all prove to be an eye into what the future of Essential's hardware could be.

Fitbit wants you to race

And finally: Andy Rubin's Essential is exploring smartglasses

Summer is here. We know it, you know it, and Fitbit is using the season to get you outdoors and challenge your friends with a new mode called Adventure Races.

The new game is essentially an extension from Solo Adventures, which dropped last August, though the fresh twist adds a competitive element for users to take advantage of. Up to 30 friends can be invited to compete with each other in Adventures courses.

Unfortunately, only two are currently available, but we expect Fitbit to continue to gamify things within the app as the year rolls on.

Elgato launching Eve Degree

And finally: Andy Rubin's Essential is exploring smartglasses

Elgato has announced an expansion of its smart home range with the launch of Eve Degree, a temperature and humidity sensor.

Priced slightly cheaper than the rest of the Eve range, the device will monitor temperature, humidity and air pressure like its siblings, but also include an LCD screen and smaller overall design.

What's important to note here is Elgato's ability to shake hands with Apple's HomeKit, meaning iPhone and iPad users can check up on the temperature and humidity within the Home app.

Alexa now sets reminders

And finally: Andy Rubin's Essential is exploring smartglasses

Amazon has rolled out an update to Alexa that will bring both reminders and timers to the platform — something which, surprisingly, has taken around two years to make happen.

As you might expect, the new features will be linked to the device which you set things up from, meaning you won't be able to sync things across multiple devices just yet. There also isn't a route for you to sync reminders through third parties, meaning you'll have to control the action manually. But, hey, at least the basics of the feature are finally available.


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